A Playlist for a Thursday Morning Commute

Project X = Dark Moor a track froom my commute playlist

Some Jazz, Blues and Prog Make for a Fine Commute Playlist

This morning I put the iPod on playlists recently played and for my commute to and from work at Target the soundtrack was a mix of new music added to my music library. Some the tracks are from the albums that I bought at the Princeton Record Exchange a couple of weeks ago and some are just new albums. So here’s the twelve track playlist…

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A Slower Steady Run – Music by The Mulligan Brothers

The Run – Harper Loop – 4.25 Miles

So I didn’t run on Sunday. The excuse that I gave myself was that I was having my early blood work done on Monday morning and in the past it seemed that running may have effected my liver numbers. The other reason may have been I was being lazy. The one thing that I did know was that I was not going to be lazy on Monday!! I was however going to take it easy on the run, because I thought that there was going to be a chance that I was also going to run today. Today’s run was canceled due to rain….the fair weather runner opts out again!!

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Amanda Cook & Ragged Union Pick and Sing, Ed Runs!

The Run: November 8, 2015 – 4.25 miles

So the end of last week was busy. My wife and I babysat our grandson Oliver on Friday and then I had work at Target from 6 am to 1:30 pm on Saturday. After work my wife, daughter Elizabeth and  I took Oliver to PAWS Farm and Nature Center in Mt Laurel. The center has a variety of small animals including, goats, sheep, bunnies and chickens! Oliver had a ball, particularly with the sliding boards.

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B.B. King – Blues Icon – Born September 16, 1925

B.B. King – Blues -Born near the town of Itta Bena, Mississippi
(September 16, 1925 – May 14, 2015)

Back in May of this year the music world lost the legendary blues boy Riley B.B. King at the age of 89. Today September 16th, B B King would have turned 90! An autopsy performed on the musician, because two of his daughters alleged that he had been poisoned, revealed that King had died of complications of Alzheimer’s disease and congestive heart failure, with no evidence of poisoning. The following was posted last year at Me, Myself, Music and Mysteries…..

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Barna Howard – Quite a Feelin’

Quite a Feelin' Barna Howard

Exploring the Music of Singer-Songwriter, Folkie – Barna Howard and his album – Quite a Feelin’

I discovered the music of Barna Howard on the June 2015 Euro-Americana Chart , where his album Quite a Feeling held down the number eight spot. One night when I was going to work at Target I listened to the album for the first time. After listening to the first song “Indiana Rose”, I knew that Mr. Howard and I were going to get along just fine! Barna’s has a sound that harkens back to the folksingers of the 60s. He has a distinctive voice and his accompanying guitar playing is pretty nice also! So the question in my mind was – Who is this Barna Howard!

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Tomislav Goluban – Blow Junkie

Blow Junkie - Tomislav Goluban

Tomislav Goluban – Blow Junkie – Great Blues Harp from Croatia

Tomislav GolubanThe other day when I was reviewing the Roots Music Reports latest Blues Chart I was intrigued by the album at number 49 Blow Junkie from Tomislav Goluban. First, I was taken aback by the album seemingly drug referenced title.But then I looked more closely at the album cover I saw the harmonica and then I understood! And then there was the artist’s name Tomislav sounds a little Eastern European to me. So I made a quick trip to Spotify. downloaded the album onto the iPhone and gave it a listen on a run to do some errands yesterday morning! From the opening songs “Harp’ Rockin'” and “Blow Junkie Boogie” this album;s good time feel had me;

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Albert King – A “King of the Blues”

Albert King - One of the Three Kings of the Blues

Albert King  “The Velvet Bulldozer”  (April 25, 1923 – December 21, 1992)

On April 25th in 1923, alphabetically the first of the “Three Kings” of Blues Albert King was born. Albert had a major impact on the blues and rock music. On December 11th, 2012, it was announced that King would be posthumously inducted into the 2013 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  I was never a big Abert King fan in the 70s or 80s. It has only been in the last several years that I really became aware of  his impact on blues and rock music. I think that he gets lost in the shadow of B.B. King,  Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf. And that is kind’a hard when you’re big as he was! From Wikipedia:

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The Dirty Truth – Joanne Shaw Taylor

The Dirty Truth from Joanne Shaw Taylor rocked my morning commute to Paulsboro!

On Thursday I babysat Oliver, In anticipation of the long day that lay ahead of me, I decided that some rocking blues would make a nice soundtrack for the commute. Through the years I’ve never had to worry about a commute to work. My workplace was a whole 4 minutes away from our house, 3 if you hit the lights! Any commuting I did was from the office to wherever I was digging a hole or delineating a wetland. Most of our work was in Burlington County, but occasionally those commutes were as far north as Lafayette, NJ in Sussex County or Cape May, so I’ve pretty much covered the state, not that there’s a lot to cover!

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Volume Five Powers Granddad’s Run!


Volume Five Provides a Great Soundtrack for Granddad’s First Run in March

Sleping OliverSo I thought I’d post a rare picture of the sleeping Oliver, to prove that he is not always a wild child! I will write more about my day with Oliver later but or now let’s move on to yesterday’s run, well maybe not run, but it was a start! According to the training plan, yesterday was to be a 25 minute run, with a five-minute warm up walk. Now, I would probably have done the walk but I was running late because we were babysitting Zoe yesterday and I was up against impending darkness. So rather than waste time walking I just plunged right into the run. The thing is,if I was running fast, I would say maybe I needed to warm up,first with the walk, but I am going so slow that the run is actually the warm up!  I ran a course that is a modification of a course that’s I created as a 5K course, on a run back in February I covered the 2.56 mile course in 29:31, yesterday when I got back to my house I was at around the same time I didn’t feel that bad so I kept going for a tad more and ended the rum at 30 minutes covering 2.61 miles! Okay, so I ran for longer than I was supposed to and I didn’t do the 5 minute warm up walk, but today I feel pretty good and I think that if things go well I can either run again tomorrow or Thursday!

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More Treasures from The Princeton Record Exchange!

Princeton REcord Exchange

A Trip to the Princeton Record Exchange Yields Seven New Treasures!

So on Wednesday night, my son Nicholas and I went bargain-hunting at the Princeton Record Exchange, armed with our Christmas Gift Cards. I had a $25.00 gift card from my birthday back in October,plus my $25.00 Christmas gift card. I came home with 13 CDs and my $25.00 Christmas gift card! Six of the thirteen albums were from the Cheap Jazz album shelves and you can read about them here. Of the remaining seven, four are Alt-Country/Folk albums, two blues albums and one New Age album. Here they are:

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