Life’s Soundtrack – The Essential Guy Clark

So it didn’t seem too, too hot when I got home from work tonight so I decided to run I picked a course that would give me some shade throughout most of the run, but that also meant that I be going up hill twice! So I put on an album that I
put on the iPod yesterday The Essential Guy Clark and took off.  The run was slow, but that gave me more time to listen to some great songs! According to Wikipedia the album was released in 1997.  RCA first released  the album, Guy Clark – Greatest Hits in 1983. The album included nearly all the songs from Clark’s first two albums. The missing tracks are included on this release In addition, it contains the previously unreleased “Don’t Let the Sunshine Fool You” (composed by Clark, but first released by Townes Van Zandt on The Late Great Townes Van Zandt in 1972).

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Life’s Soundtrack: Chris Bergson Band – Imitate the Sun

So I ran early last evening to avoid the mid-day  heat a fairly good four mile run in under 10 min per mile pace. (I’m just building base mileage, speed will come later, right?). When I got home I was all ready to write about the run and the run’s soundtrack along with some other albums that have been playing on the iPod. But once again after showering and sitting down reading a bit of The Baxter Trust, the lure of the couch was soon calling and napping ensued!  Anyway after waking up I continued reading but not writing.  So here’s the first installment of  a recap of yesterday’s soundtrack!

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Life’s Soundtrack – Black Country Communion

So on  Saturday, the weather was cooler and the knee  wasn’t bad, so I decided to run. Now I needed something to listen to on the iPod, I find that on genre that works well is metal! I love to run to Dragonforce, hard driving amazing guitars. So I turned to an amazing guitarist Joe Bonamassa and his new band Black Country Communion and their new album Black Country Communion 2. When Andrew gave me the album the other day to listen to, thinking that it hasn’t been that long since their debut album, I said, oh they had tracks left over from the first album. He said no that they went back in the studio and recorded new tracks! Anyway it only took the first track “The Outsider” to see that this album is every bit as good as the first album and probably better! The second track “Man in the Middle” keeps up the intensity as Bonham’s drumming provides that strong driving beat, Hughes vocals soar and then Bonamassa does his magic! Bonamassa takes over the vocals for the next track “The Battle for Hadrian’s Wall” and provides good vocals as usual! If the next track “Save Me” has a Led Zeppelin feel that’s because the song was started by Jimmy Page and Jon Paul Jones during their 2007 Reunion show. Jason Bonham kept playing the riff for Hughes and he was intrigued finally he called Bonamassa over to his house and they finished the song and like they say “the rest is history” well at least a great song. Now at this point I was just past the two mile point and my heart rate was climbing, so over the rest of the run I paid more attention to that than the music! I do remember “Smokestack Woman” though and a great blues ballad “Little Secret” and a few more vocals by Bonamassa! All and all it’s a great album and now has moved into the number one spot on the UK Rock album chart!

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Thank You Tom Paxton – Tim Grimm

So hardly a day goes by that a Tom Paxton song is not swirling around in my head at some point in the day. It’s been that way since the late 60’s! So  when I saw that an artist that I became aware of last year, Tim Grimm had a new album titled Thank-You, Tom Paxton, I knew that was an album for me. I looked for the  album at the usual places Napster, Rhapsody and emusic and the album was not to be found. Finally, I visited CDBaby found the album, bought and downloaded it and have been enjoying it over the last few days and today it was the soundtrack of my 5K run!

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Twang Tuesday : A Six PAck of Bluegrass!

So on Tuesday I used to listen to bluegrass. I really haven’t done that lately, but tonight I put the iPod on shuffle and chose bluegrass for the genre and these are the six songs that came on………

“Annabelle” – by Northern Lights from the album Another Sleepless Night. Northern Lights is one of those bands that I really like alot and don’t listen to enough! Great picking and vocals!

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Reconnecting with James Keelaghan – House of Cards

Photo:Mike Gifford

James Keelaghan is one of those artist whose music I love that often gets lost in the shuffle. His most recent album House of Cards was released way back in 2009 and for the longest time was not available on Rhapsody or Napster. Well the other day I found the album on Rhapsody and James has another winner!! Keelaghan is another of my many Canadian favorites. He was born in Calgery, but now calls Winnipeg home.  He is a Juno Award winner and many of his songs have an historical base.  “Kiri’s Piano” is about the internment of Japanese Canadians, while  “October 70” is about the FLQ crisis, are inspired by events and figures in Canadian history. But some like, “Cold Missouri Waters”, have a US locale, which is about the Mann Gulch fire of 1949  in Montana. For me Keelaghan is an all round artist with a  great baritone voice,  a good guitarist, and most of all a great  story-song writer. I love his soon “Number 37” a great song about a girl and her horse at a rodeo race.

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Blues: from Canada Soupbone!

So one of the albums that has been on the iPod for the last several weeks is a blues album titled Lead Me On by a five piece blues band hailing from Williams Lake, BC, Canada, Soupbone. The album is quickly becoming a favorite.  Dean Fulton fronts the band and provide lead vocals, great keyboards and harmonica.  His outstanding  keyboard work  is quickly displayed on the album as he takes the lead on the opening track. “Don’t Miss You at All.”  Throughout the album Dean trades leads with sizzling lead guitarist Joel Gyselink.  Gyselink’s guitar work throughout the album is right on, providing hot riffs on some tracks and burning soulful riffs on others. Garry ‘Blind Dog Guido’ Grosso provides rhythm guitar and is the band’s resident blues aficionado. Grosso is a big fan  of  Chicago blues and his dedication to those blues are a huge influence on Soupbone’s music. The rest of the rhythm section includes; Shane Boxeur on bass  and Brandon Fauteux (pronounced Photo) on drums.

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Life’s Soundtrack: Jack Ingram to Townes Van Zant

So this morning I had to drive to Ocean County College in Toms River,which is  a little over an hour drive. I had the iPod on shuffle for the start of the trip then  I decided to use the time to listen to some older favorites! I listen to so much new music that old friends get set aside! The first artist that popped into my mind was Jack Williams so keeping the shuffle setting I listened to about 20 minutes of  Jack’s music. The mix included some old favorites like “You’re the One” and “Waterbug”  then came “Me and My Automobile” which includes a reference to Jack’s call into to NPR’s Car Talk! Great song! There was also a great song about New Orleans “Atlantic Goin’ Down” with a great feel for the town and it’s music! When Jack’s twenty minutes was up I went to switch to something else and right there next to Jack was another old friend Jack Ingram. So I went with a mix of Jack’s music. I have five of his albums from his 1995 debut album through 2002’s  Electric and a few tracks from This is It.Anyway several favorites came on including “Make My Heart Flutter” and the mix ended with “Rita Ballou” and since “Rita Ballou” led me to another Texan Guy Clark I decided to make the mix Texas Country music! I’ve been a fan of Guy’s music for a long time, but mostly I must confess from covers by others like Jerry Jeff and Tom Rush who both covered “Desperadoes Waiting for a Train” Anyway The Dark and Workbench Songs are on the iPod and songs from those albums finished out the trip. Songs included “Queenie”s Song” about his dog being shot and a favorite “Tornado Time in Texas”!

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Running with Ben Prestage

Today I noticed that as I went up and down the stairs, my knee did not hurt! Then the rain stopped after work and I thought maybe I’ll try to run! So I cued up the iPod with some blues that I put on it today and took off, hoping to make 30 minutes. Well, I made my goal 33 minutes approximately around 3 miles at slightly over a 10 minute per mile pace. My knee’s not bad and the music One Crow Murder the new album by Ben Prestage was great Here’s what his website says about the album!

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