This Day in Music – June 11, 1946 – John Lawton formerly of Uriah Heep’s birthday, leads to belated “happy birthdays” for Others!!

I will admit that I was never a big Uriah Heep fan. I knew of them, and I have probably heard some of their music along the way, but none of it has made it into my music library. But I did notice yesterday, as I was looking through the new prog rock releases, that the Heep's new album Outsider, was released. So I wasted time, unless you count the time between 1969 and now as wasted because I have not sought out Uriah Heep, going to Spotify to listen to it. Anyway, I really liked the album and maybe I'll consider a portion of the aforementioned time wasted!

An Eclectic Music Day – A Little Folk, New Age and Prog from three great guitarists!

More New EverythinhSo today was an eclectic music day. I had to return to Lambertville today, so I loaded music on the iPhone from two different genres. First some folk music from a longtime favorite, Brooks Williams,  his latest release, More New Everything which is an EP. Then some New Age from guitarist Alex DeGrassi. I listened to those two albums on the way to the site. Then on the  way back, I listened to music from a third genre Prog Rock from the album Ravens and Lullabies from Gordon Giltrap and Oliver Wakeman. As I was listening on the way back, I thought about what tied all three of these albums from different genres together. The answer was that three of the four artist are exceptionally fine acoustic guitar players!!

I have enjoyed the music of Brooks Williams since his 1999 release Hundred Year Shadow. The first time I heard the album I thought “This is one damn good guitarist!! Brooks’ next release in 2000 was Little Lion his first all instrumental album and to this day it is one of my favorite guitar albums!!  Since those two albums, I’ve liked some of his releases better than others, so I have not picked up every album. But listening to More New Everything today I was hearing the Brooks Williams that I first enjoyed 13 years ago!! Some great songs and some great guitar!! Now i have to go back and listen to New Everything, since the tracks on More New Everything are left over from the New Everything session!! Because if these songs were left out, how good must New Everything be!!! I also need to go back and listen to some of the albums that I haven’t listened to over the years!!

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2013 Prog Rock – Symphonic Prog from the UK’s The Inner Road – Ascension!

The Inner RoadThe other sub-genre of Prog Rock that I find myself drawn to is symphonic prog. The other night when The Inner Road’s latest album Ascension was streaming from progstreaming in the background. As I was reading, I found myself stopping and listening to the music several times!! So the album went on the iPhone and I have been enjoying it since then.

The Inner Road is a  symphonic instrumental prog rock band from the UK (Reading/Brighton) composed basically of  two members Steve Gresswell on keyboards and current guitarist Jay Parmar. Parmar takes the place of Phil Braithwaite who provided the guitar work on the band’s début album Visions released in 2011. Gresswell was a member of Coalition a neo-prog band when he began writing a more symphonic style prog rock  that he didn’t think fit the band, so he formed The Inner Road. In the short time they have been on the scene  The Inner Road has already established a worldwide fan-base.

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2013 Prog Rock from Norway’s Neo-Prog Band – Airbag – The Greatest Show on Earth

The Greatest Show on EarthSo on Thanksgiving my son Andrew and I were talking about Prog Rock and the fact that I seemed to enjoy all of the Neo Prog that I listened to, He said that I should listen to a band that he has been listening to for a while Airbag. So on the way home I found Airbag on MOG and downloaded their latest album – a few seconds into the album I knew that they were NOT the right Airbag. When I got home I looked at MOG again and found a 2009 release Identity which seemed better, put it on the phone sat back and said “Yes” these are the prog-rockers! And once again Dad likes Neo-Proggers!!


Here’s some information about the band from the ProgArchives:


Norwegian outfit AIRBAG refer to 2005 as being their formative year. These high school friends have been playing together under this moniker before that as well – they were actually formed in 1994, and the current line-up has ben in place since 1999 – but for the band 2005 heralds the start, or perhaps fresh start, as a band.

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Life’s Soundtrack – Prog from Paris – The Black Noodle Project – Ready to Go!

ready to goSo one way a band catches my attention is by their name. One band that caught my attention today through their name was the Black Noodle Project. I stumbled across the name at New Prog Rock Releases when I was searching for new music and once I saw the name I knew I had to check them out. The band released a new album Ghosts & Memories (you can watch a preview of the album here) on November 15th but I have yet to see that album at any music site like MOG or Spotify. I did find their 2011 release Ready to Go which I put on the iPhone. The album became part of yesterday’s soundtrack. It took a few tracks but with each track I thought,more and more “hey I like these guys: . and by the time arrived at “Ready to Go Part 2″ I wanted to explore the rest of the band’s discography!! Here’s what I found out about the bans when I returned home…..from the Prog Archives.

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Life’s Soundtrack – Running Smoothly with Neo-Prog from Wales’ – Also Eden

Also EdenSo back on Monday night (the warmest of this week) I put on my headlamp and ventured out for a four mile run, I created a new route that kept me from crossing or being on any major roads during the run. Overall the run was pretty good and though I always slow down when it’s dark my split times were really not that bad!  Overall the course measured  4.13 miles and my time was 41:48 for an average pace of 10:07 minutes per mile. The soundtrack for the run was  [Redacted] the latest release from a Neo-Prog Rock band that hails from Wales in the United Kingdom

Also Eden are a 5-piece South-West UK progressive rock band comprising vocals, keyboards, guitars, bass and drums. Influenced by traditional progressive rock music such as Genesis and Yes along with the more modern progressive sounds of Porcupine Tree and the Flower Kings, the band was initially formed as a recording project in 2005 by Huw Lloyd-Jones (vocals) and Ian Hodson (keyboards/vocals). With the addition of Simon Rogers (guitars/vocals), Ralvin Thomas (bass) and Mark Hall (drums), the band sound began to take evolve, culminating in the 2006 release “About Time”. About Time has since received many favourable reviews, and the band’s live appearances helped win new audiences both in the UK and on the Continent following live performances at Summers End Festival 2005 and 2006, and ProgFarm (Bakeveen, Holland) in 2006.

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The Other Half of this Morning’s Soundtrack – Prog Rockers from Wales – 25 Yard Screamer!!

25 Yard ScreamerSo like I wrote earlier today,  this morning’s soundtrack was a little eclectic, as I listened to two albums at the opposite ends of the musical spectrum. The first was Herb Alpert’s new album Steppin’ Out and at the other end of the spectrum was a progressive rock album from a trio from the UK 25 Yard Screamer. I found 25 Yard Screamer’s name among the new prog rock releases early this morning.. Their new album is titled Something that Serves to Remind or Reward. A quick trip to MOG returned only the band’s 2011 release Until All are One. So that one went on the iphone and played in the background as I worked away, and it certainly made trying to figure out how to get NJDEP approval for our client more pleasant!! A little about the band from the ProgArchives:

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Life’s Soundtrack – Norway’s Prog Rockers Kerrs Pink’s latest – Mystic Spirit – Powers Another Good Run!

There’s good news and bad news from last night’s run. The good news is the headlamp that I bought the other day works great. It makes the road visible to me and me visible to drivers! The bad news is that now I have no excuse for not running when it gets dark at five o’clock!! Last night’s run was pretty good. The first mile was 9:30 and the rest were around 9:50 minutes plus! Kerrs PinkThe soundtrack for the run was a new to me Prog Rock band from Norway Kerrs Pink. I listened to their latest release Mystic Storm. Now since I didn’t know much about the band (what’s new!} my first stop was Wikipedia. I was doing two things at the same time I just typed Kerrs Pink in the search box clicked when Kerr’s Pink appeared and this is what I found out!

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New Prog from Sweden’s The Flower Kings – Desolation Rose

The Flower KingsOne of my son Andrew’s favorite bands is (are sounds better) The Flower Kings Over the years, I’ve listen a few times to their albums and have found them to be just ok. After listening to their latest release, Desolation Rose I am reconsidering my assessment and may just have to go back and listen to the other albums from these guys. Hell at their website I read….

They are regarded by many as one of the leading, if not THE leading, progressive rock outfit of the new millennium. The Flower Kings are led by progrock icon, guitarist, vocalist, composer, producer Roine Stolt into a world of unlimited musical fantasy and flair. Playing it’s first ever live date in August 1994 as a result of the interest in Stolt’s solo album “The Flower King”, the band quickly became somewhat of a phenomenon in the progressive rock community for everyone that once loved bands like Pink Floyd, Genesis, Zappa, UK, Utopia, Yes, ELP, King Crimson or Focus.   The band quickly finished the first proper band recording “Back In The World Of Adventures” released 1995 on it’s own label “Foxtrot Records” and played shorter tours in Europe the same year, the ball started rolling…just a bit. Building on the success of albums like “Retropolis” & the already classic double CD’s “Stardust We Are” and “Flower Power” they toured Europe, Japan & South America and started to build a worldwide following. Continue Reading 

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Morning Music – New Prog Rock from the Steve Paine’s – Legend – Spirit

Spirit2   So this morning I found and listened to the album Spirit by the Prog Rock band Legend, and on first listen I came away very, very impressed by the band. that, Steve Paine created way back in 1988. The band’s first album, Light in Extension was released in 1990. That album was followed in 1993 with the release of Second Sight and their third and maybe best known album Triple Aspect was released in 1996. Then the band disappeared from 1998 until 2008 when…

LEGEND’s return began in 2008 as Steve Paine and John Macklin made plans to see if anybody still remembered LEGEND and if there was still enough of a Prog Rock scene to warrant reforming the band. To this end Steve Paine re-mixed and re-mastered songs from the bands first three albums, Light in Extension, Second Sight and Triple Aspect, the result was a CD Anthology Ritual Echo released in 2009. Although only a limited run on CD the album proved to be popular and all was set fair for LEGEND’s return proper with a new album. So Steve Paine dusted off his plans for Cardinal Points which were originally conceived in the mid 90s and began a re-write and the search was on for the previous band members. In the meantime Steve Paine also resurrected the original masters from the band’s Playing with Fire concert video from 1992. Originally in the hopes of releasing the original footage on DVD but the project proved too costly. So instead in 2010 Playing with Fire was released for the first time on CD.. Read More

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