Dec 23, 2016 – A Good Work Out and Morning Music from Bill Miller

raven in the Snow - Bill Miller

A Good Work Out and Morning Music from Bill Miller

T-minus two days until Christmas much of today was spent getting the house ready for tomorrow’s guest. Every Christmas Eve my wife’s Uncle Jim and his wife Nathalie visit on Christmas Eve morning. This year all of our children and grandchildren are going to be able to come, too! I think that the only one who will be missing is Peter’s wife Missy! I’m glad that Jim will be able to spend time with the grandchildren. Actually, I’m glad we all get to spend time with Jim and Nathalie.

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Make Blues Not War – Mike Zito

Make Blues Not War - Mike Zito

Mike Zito –  Make Blues Not War – One of the Best  Blues Albums of 2016

So today I see thar Mike Zito’s new album Make Blues Not War is continuing to rise up the Roots Music  Blues Chart. This week the album sits at number 8. Up at  eight spots from last week’s 16.. That’s good news for Mike, but the better news is that the album is number 1 on the Billboard Blues Chart. Way to go Mike!

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Joanna Connor – Six String Stories.

Six String Stories – Joanna Connor –  The Best Blues of 2016?

A couple of weeks ago, I spotted an album titled Six String Stories on the Roots Music Report Blues Chart. The artist was Joanna Connor. Since the title of the album was interesting and I had never heard of Ms. Connor, I went to Spotify and gave it a quick listen. Wow! It sounded great! But then my ADD kicked in and I was soon off listening to other albums and Six String Stories was set aside.

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The Country Blues – Rob Ickes & Trey Hensley

The Country Blues – Rob Ickes and Trey  Hensley does not make me Blue!!

Rob Ickes and Trey HensleyOver the past week The Country Blues the latest release from Rob Ickes and Trey Hensley has been in my music rotation. To say I am a happy camper is putting in mildly! For me possibly the most important part of a musical recording is just that “the music”! Years ago when I started to listen to folk and folk rock albums. I would constantly check out who was playing on the album. Way back then, if I saw  Kenny Buttrey was playing drums. Vasser Clement fiddle or Buddy Emmons  pedal steel on an album. I knew I was in for a good musical experience! Through the years, the dobro has become one of my favorite instruments and Rob Ickes one of my favorite musicians. Man that guy can flat-out pick!

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Bravery – Poor Nameless Boy

Bravery – Poor Nameless Boy –  Saskatchewan, Canada.

One of the albums in my music rotation over the last week is Bravery from Poor Nameless Boy. Since one of my favorite mystery series is the Nameless Detective series this album immediately intrigued me. The fact that it is a damn good Americana album made, by well, a Canadian! Actually, Poor Nameless Boy does have a name – Joel Henderson. Henderson hails from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

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First Run in a Long Time!

Soundtrack – The Infamous Stringdusters – Ladies & Gentlemen
The Background

So I haven’t written anything about health and fitness and “turning back my biologic clock” for a long time. The simple reason is that I haven’t done much to help turn back that clock lately. I have not been eating particularly well and although I have still been doing yoga in the mornings, the rest day I ran was way back on the 4th of April!!

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Blues Icon Willie Dixon

Willie Dixon – Bassist, Singer and Composer – Born July 1, 1915

Today is the 101st anniversary of the birth of Willie Dixon(July 1, 1915 – January 29, 1992) and I bet somewhere on almost every night of the year someone is playing one of the 500 songs that he wrote! It could be a jazz, blues or rock artist because Willie’s songs appeal to lovers of  many genres. He was one of the two artists, the other Muddy Waters, that were the most influential in shaping the sound of Chicago blues in the post World War II years, as well as, rock and roll in the 50s and 60s. I think that my first introduction to the blues of Dixon was Cream’s cover of “Spoonful”, wait maybe it was The Doors “Back Door Man” or maybe Led Zeppelin “I Can’t Quit You” but it was probably Johnnie Rivers covering “Seventh Son” and I didn’t even know it!! Well, you get the picture. Here’s a link to a list songs of Willie Dixon, along with the artists who cover them!! From Wikipedia some of the songs…..

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Twang Tuesday: Hitting the Road with Hot Day at the Zoo

Hitting the Road - Hot Day at the Zoo

Hot Day at the Zoo – Hitting the Road   ****

The other day as I was searching for the latest release from Larry Keel, I saw a band with an interesting named in the list of Related Artists on the Larry Keel overview page. The name of the band was Hot Day at the Zoo. A band with a name like that deserves to be checked out!! When I arrived at the band’s page I saw that their latest album Hitting the Road was released in 2015 and their 2010 release was titled  Zoograss (seems like another plus to me!). In addition two bands whose music I really like Cornmeal and Hot Buttered Rum are listed as Related Artists!! Yeah I think I’m going to like these guys!!

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Folk Monday – New Albums from Old Friends

Still Birds - Darryl Purpose

Eight Albums from Familiar Voices to Load Up on the iPhone and Keep Me Happy

While I’m not quite ready to write about any of the new albums that I have listened to, I can give you a list of the albums. I have made two lists. The first list is composed of albums from artists, who are already favorites with albums already in my music library. The second list is new music from folks who I am discovering for the first time. Here is the first list……(new artist list to follow)

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My Return to a Past Schedule……

Still Birds - Darryl Purpose

Setting a New Old Schedule to Get Me Back to What I Love!

So one of my favorite genres of music Americana, which to me includes folk, Americana, Blues and Alt-Country music has kinda gotten lost from my music rotation over the last year or so. Back when I started this blog, this genre of music, that l listen to the most. Lately though, I have listened to more Progressive Rock, Jazz and New Age. than Americana. I convinced myself that I really didn’t like the Americana that was out there nowadays! After spending most of the weekend searching for new Americana, I do believe that I have been missed out on some good stuff!!

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