Life’s Soundtrack – Jimmy McCarty and Friends

The Washington Monthly: Steve Benen: It’s the demand, stupid

Way to go Mitt you got it right, but maybe it’s wrong in the eyes of your party!

So you think September’s been a good running month for me! I certainly do!

You know what’s nice? To be running comfortably enough that at certain parts of the run including the last mile you can say I’m going to pick it up now and it actually happens! According to the GPS on my watch which may be a little off

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Rant and Run Ana Popovic – Unconditional

Unconditional - Ana Popovic

The Rant

The American Prospect: Robert Kuttner: Land of the Free, Home of the Turncoats

Ok so I know I keep saying that all these bloggers are describing how I feel till you’re sick of it…. but THEY ARE and Robert Kuttner outlines it well!! IT’s mind boggling that out of one side of their mouths come statements about America;’s exceptionalism and out of the other so let’s destroy it?? Am I missing something?

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Thursday Music Mix – Quintus McCormick, Blind Corn Liquor Pickers and Shake Russelld

So some days are diamonds, some days are dirt. Well today was a musical diamond day! I put three albums on the iPod this morning and I really like them all! The first up was a blues album from the Quintus McCormick Blues Band whose latest album Put It On Me  is currently number 39 on the Roots Music Report Blues Chart. When I went to Napster they only had 30 second clips for the album but they did have his debut album Hey Jodie , so that’s what went on the player. and I tell you it’s a great album. According to several reviews and the band’s Myspace page Quintus has been a mainstay of the Chicago blues scene for a long time and has….

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Blues and Bluegrass Part 1 – Albert King Born Under a Bad Sign

So tonight my musical mix consisted of some old blues and some new bluegrass. On the way to Target and during my grocery shopping blues was the genre and the album was Albert King’s first album on Stax Born Under a Bad Sign. The album. Now I have never been a big fan of Albert or Freddy King, the other two thirds of the “Kings of Blues” the other third of course being B.B King. So while I don’t have any of Albert’s music in my collection I am well aware of his influence on the generation of blues musician I like, artists like Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughan. They were strongly influenced by Albert and many of their guitar solos are close approximations to those found on Born Under a Bad Sign.

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Piedmont Blues: Cephas & Wiggins

So since I don’t seem to have the time and/or the inclination to write long involved posts right now, what I may due is to start writing shorter little pieces in between the rarer longer posts! So here’s the first album quick hit! One of the blues albums that I’ve been listening to for the last several weeks is the last album from Cephas & Wiggins Baltimore Blues recorded and released in 2008 by Smithsonian Folkways prior to John Cephas death in 2009 at the age of 78.

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Blues: Victor Wainwright and the WildRoots

So most of the blues I listen to is guitar driven ala Stevie Ray Vaughan, B.B. King and Michael Bloomfield and every so often there’s some harp but very few piano driven blues. Well, Victor Wainwright and the WildRoots changed that and put boogie piano  jump blues on my musical charts! Their second album Lit Up is great. From the boogie woogie  opening track ” Big Dog’s Running this Town” this Memphis based blues band had me! While the piano playing and vocals of  Victor lead the way the WildRoots are no slouches!  The album was produced by Victor’s co-writer and bassist Stephen Dees.  Dees has been around the rock scene,  serving as bassist and vocalist for the likes of  Hall and Oates, Todd Rundgren, Pat Travers, and Foghat. His band Novo Combo landed him on the Billboard charts, and his original rock band “Bandees” received critical acclaim. Victor Wainwright and the WildRoots was born after Wainwright and Dees’ release in 2005  Piana from Savannah, Back Stage Pass Magazine said this about the album: Piana from Savannah”. “…it’s hard to follow the speed limit while this one’s playing… Pinetop Perkins would be proud.”

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Life’s Soundtrack: Chris Bergson Band – Imitate the Sun

So I ran early last evening to avoid the mid-day  heat a fairly good four mile run in under 10 min per mile pace. (I’m just building base mileage, speed will come later, right?). When I got home I was all ready to write about the run and the run’s soundtrack along with some other albums that have been playing on the iPod. But once again after showering and sitting down reading a bit of The Baxter Trust, the lure of the couch was soon calling and napping ensued!  Anyway after waking up I continued reading but not writing.  So here’s the first installment of  a recap of yesterday’s soundtrack!

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Blues: from Canada Soupbone!

So one of the albums that has been on the iPod for the last several weeks is a blues album titled Lead Me On by a five piece blues band hailing from Williams Lake, BC, Canada, Soupbone. The album is quickly becoming a favorite.  Dean Fulton fronts the band and provide lead vocals, great keyboards and harmonica.  His outstanding  keyboard work  is quickly displayed on the album as he takes the lead on the opening track. “Don’t Miss You at All.”  Throughout the album Dean trades leads with sizzling lead guitarist Joel Gyselink.  Gyselink’s guitar work throughout the album is right on, providing hot riffs on some tracks and burning soulful riffs on others. Garry ‘Blind Dog Guido’ Grosso provides rhythm guitar and is the band’s resident blues aficionado. Grosso is a big fan  of  Chicago blues and his dedication to those blues are a huge influence on Soupbone’s music. The rest of the rhythm section includes; Shane Boxeur on bass  and Brandon Fauteux (pronounced Photo) on drums.

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