Sunday Reads – 10/9/11 – Back to the Future!

Think Progress: Lee Fang: Rep. Peter King (R-NY): Do Not Allow Any Legitimacy For Wall Street Protests, Or It Will Be Like 1960s Again

Ah, we can only hope that legitmacy comes to the movement and the US starts to move in the right directions away from the corporate rule whe’re seeing today. At the end of the article there’s a list of things that the ’60s brought us. Let’s see what those ’00s brought us!

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Sunday Night -“An Evening with Tom Russell” in Vienna Virginia

So with the lights low at the Jammin’ Java in Vienna Virginia on Sunday night the announcement came “Ladies and Gentlemen, Tom Russell” and one of my heroes Tom Russell took the stage, with lead guitarist Thad Beckman, and thoroughly entertained me for the next two plus hours! The show opened with Tom telling abbout his trip to Duluth Minnesota and then to Hibbing birthplace and home of Bob Dylan and then the Mesabi Range. From his notes Russell describes his trip like this:

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Folk Monday – Old Friends Slaid Cleaves and Tom Russell!

So what’s been playing on the iPod over these last few days. A couple of the albums are the latest albums for two old favorites. The first is a two disc live album from Slaid Cleaves titled  Sorrow & Smoke: Live at the Horeshoe Lounge. I’ve been a Slaid fan since I first heard him one Sunday night on Gene Shay’s folk show. We’ve been to many of Slaid’s shows here in Philly and this album does a good job of capturing the spirit of his show.The album was recorded at two shows  one in April  4 and the other in September of 2010 at the Horseshoe Lounge in Austin. Helped out by frequent bandmates Michael O’Connor on acoustic lead guitar and vocals and Oliver Steck on accordion, harmonica, trumpet and harmony vocals, Slaid makes his way through 20 songs most of them from his last four albums No Angel Knows,  Wishbones,  Broke Down and  Everything You Love will Be Taken Awayalong with a couple of Don Walser songs, where Slaid’s  yodeling prowess is showcased. One new track “Go for the Gold” closes the show.

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A Morning Full of Story and Songs from Guy, Adam, Michael and Chris!

So this morning as I watched tube permeameter tests, I listened to Guy Clark‘s new album Songs and Stories and what a terrific album it is! The live album was recorded at the Belcourt Theatre in Nashville and it has a great homey feel. Guy is surrounded, sitting down as he notes on the introduction track, Clark by his musical family — his longtime sidekick and co-writer Verlon Thompson, along with Shawn Camp, Bryn Davies and Kenny Malone. according to his website: “It’s a comfortable atmosphere that feels like a peek into a 3am guitar pull at The Driskill Hotel“.
The albun is full of a bunch of stories about songs like “L.A. Freeway”, and Townes Van Zant’s “If I Needed You” Shawn Kemp and Verlon Thompson both get to do a couple of songs. But obviously the real star is Guy who is just a few months short of his 70th birthday (November 6th) and sounds as good as ever!

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New Folk – Stephen Simmons – The Big Show

So let’s see, in 2001  The Superstore the debut album of  Stephen Simmons is released. The album was collection of  earlier songs captured at a live solo show. That was followed in 2004 by Last Call Simmons’ debut album with a band. Now it’s 2011 that’s ten years from the debut album and seven from the sophomore release and Edward finds Stephen’s new album (now Simmons’ sixth) on the Roots Music Reports Folk Chart at number 39. He goes and looks for it on Napster, hum too many 30 second clips. So he settles for Girls Stephen’s 2009 release. He hears some fine crafted songs with lyrics like:

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Monday Ramblings and the Passing of Bill Morrissey

Bill morrissey

So the last several days have been hectic around here. My wife has been finding some great deals on Craig’s List on furniture that we desperately need. The furniture we have survived many years of wear and tear of four kids and me! So Saturday we bought a new Thomasville entertainment center, big and heavy and tonight with the help of some co-workers and Peter we got it in the house and standing up! There for a while the standing up part was in doubt! Also my wife bought a laptop, so now I have a computer that’s faster than an abacus! Anyway all that took away time from reading,  listening and writing. I have been listening to some artists though that I will be writing about shortly. One blues artist Eric Steckel, who I heard the other night on Bluesville on XM and then came home and listened to his album Havana. Which I really enjoyed and then I download and have listened to parts of another album.  Also a folk artist Stephen Simmons whose album The Big Show has gotten a few listens!

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Thank You Tom Paxton – Tim Grimm

So hardly a day goes by that a Tom Paxton song is not swirling around in my head at some point in the day. It’s been that way since the late 60’s! So  when I saw that an artist that I became aware of last year, Tim Grimm had a new album titled Thank-You, Tom Paxton, I knew that was an album for me. I looked for the  album at the usual places Napster, Rhapsody and emusic and the album was not to be found. Finally, I visited CDBaby found the album, bought and downloaded it and have been enjoying it over the last few days and today it was the soundtrack of my 5K run!

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Reconnecting with James Keelaghan – House of Cards

Photo:Mike Gifford

James Keelaghan is one of those artist whose music I love that often gets lost in the shuffle. His most recent album House of Cards was released way back in 2009 and for the longest time was not available on Rhapsody or Napster. Well the other day I found the album on Rhapsody and James has another winner!! Keelaghan is another of my many Canadian favorites. He was born in Calgery, but now calls Winnipeg home.  He is a Juno Award winner and many of his songs have an historical base.  “Kiri’s Piano” is about the internment of Japanese Canadians, while  “October 70” is about the FLQ crisis, are inspired by events and figures in Canadian history. But some like, “Cold Missouri Waters”, have a US locale, which is about the Mann Gulch fire of 1949  in Montana. For me Keelaghan is an all round artist with a  great baritone voice,  a good guitarist, and most of all a great  story-song writer. I love his soon “Number 37” a great song about a girl and her horse at a rodeo race.

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Caleb Stine – I Wasn’t Built for a Life Like This

Ok so I was going to write a nice long post about a new folk artist that I discovered about a week ago Caleb Stine, then came the NFL Draft and somehow my night has slipped by and the Eagles still haven’t picked! Anyway Stine’s album I Wasn’t Built for this Life has been playing a lot on the iPod and each time I listen “I like the album more! Stine from Baltimore is a great crafter of song spinning tales of life. From his website:   Honest Tune Magazine says that Stine’s music lays,

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Joe Crookston – Darkling and the Bluebird Jumbilee

So Saturday night I listened to three albums I have already told you about one, Hot Tuna’s new album Stready As She Goes. The second one was Joe Crookston’s new album Darkling & the Bluebird Jubilee. I first listened to Crookston’s music last year and his great album Able, Baker, Charlie and Dog a strong collection of songs that in 2009 was given the “Album of the Year” award by the International Folk Alliance indicating that it received more radio airplay than any other folk album released in 2008! This new album may just receive the same award!

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