2010 Reads

Book 22 – Bite Me – A Love Story

‘kayso, my new word from Abby Normal – so begins Book 22 for the year Bite Me by Christopher Moore.  In the words of Abby Normal:

The city of San Francisco is being stalked by a huge shaved vampyre cat named Chet, and only I, Abby Normal, emergency backup mistress of the Greater Bay Area night, and my manga-haired love monkey, Foo Dog, stand between the ravenous monster and a bloody massacre of the general public.

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Book 20 – Jericho’s Fall

So have you ever read a book that the pages flew by,  you really wanted to find out what happens, and then you get to the end which is not really satisfying and you say, did I really like this book? That’s how I feel about book 20 of 2010 Jericho’s Fall by Stephen L. Carter. The story revolves around the dying possibly crazy ex-Director of the CIA, Secretary of Defense, National Security Advisor  – generally Mr. Everything – Jericho Ainsley.  He is at home in a mountain fortress in Colorado dying from cancer and everybody is out to kill him before he can reveal his secrets! In steps Rebecaa (Beck) DeForde his former lover and the reason for his fall from power fifteen years earlier when she was a 19 year old student and he a professor! Beck sets out to discover Jericho’s secrets and where he has hidden them!  Here what a review in The Washington Post said about the book:

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Book 19 – The Bone Thief

So today was not a big music day more a sports day. Go Roy Halladay and Flyers. But I did finish book no. 19 for 2010 The Bone Thief by Jefferson Bass. The Bone Thief is the fifth book in the Body Farm series by the writing team of Dr. Bill Bass founder of the Body Farm at the University of Tennessee and Jon Jefferson. The series  follows the activities of Dr. Bill Brockton and his graduate assistant Miranda Lovelady and others in exploits surrounding the Body Farm.

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Book 17 – The Narrows – Michael Connelly

Ok so the last book I read Nowhere to Run by C.J.Box was the 10th book in the Joe Pickett series and now book number 17 The Narrows by Michael Connelly also the 10th book in the series featuring  Harry Bosch only difference is that I have read all the books in the Pickett series and this is my first Harry Bosch book! I had started The Concrete Blonde book # 3 years ago and for one reason or another couldn’t get into it so I never tried to read another Connelly book (the series is now up to 14). What was I thinking! I enjoyed this book, liked both the writing style and Bosch’s character and will certainly read more, having picked up several last week at the library book sale.

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Book 16 – Nowhere to Run – C.J. Box

Nowhere to Run is my 16th read of the year and the 10th book in Box’s Joe Pickett series, which keeps getting better and better. This books opens with Joe in his last week of temporary assignment in Baggs Wyoming. The assignment has lasted a year and Joe will be returning to his wife and family soon. But Joe goes into the mountains to investigate some strange happenings, which include camp lootings, tents being slashed, and an elk butchered before the shooters can even collect it! There was also the case of a female Olympic class runner going for a run into the woods and never coming back! On the hunt Joe runs into two twin brothers Caleb and Canish Grimm, who appear to be the men who butchered the Elk! When Joe asks for their fishing license and gives them a citation for hunting without a license their wrath is taken out on himand he barely escapes the mountain alive, but not before he potentially sees the Olympic runner……and the rest of the book revolves around finding out who the Grim Brothers are and was that really the lost runner!

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Fear the Worst – Linwood Barclay

Fear the Worst

Fear the WorstLinwood Barclay (Book 15 for 2010)

So there was no time to start another book during the time I was reading Book 15 for 2010 Fear the Worst by Linwood Barclay because I couldn’t put this book down! I guess I’ll forgive Mr Barclay for not writing any more Zack Walker books if he keeps writing books as good as this one. The story starts one day when a divorced father Tim Blake questions his daughter, who is staying with him for the summer  about some Versace sunglasses that she has. He questions her because he fears she may have stolen them. The result of his questioning  is that she storms out of the house leaving the receipt on the kitchen table. Well, that night his daughter doesn’t come home and after receiving no phone calls or informationas to where she is! Tim sets out to find her and starts at her job a  motel in town. When he asks about his daughter he is told that his daughter has never worked there!  Soon the police locate her car abandoned in a mall parking lot in a neighboring town!  The rest of the book revolves around Tim and his ex-wife’s frantic search to find their daughter!

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Book 13 – New Author – Roger Smith

So this is the fourth country visited in my quest to read twelve books sent in different countries. So far I have read books set in Canada, Russia, and Australia and now Mixed Blood by Roger Smith set in South Africa, by far the least favorite place to visit of the four!  Book 13 of the year is a gritty book filled with murder, drugs, crooked cops, poverty and despair! The story opens with Jack Burn his wife Susan and son Matt on the run in South Africa after Jack becomes involved in a bank robbery which goes bad leaving a policeman dead. One night two black gangstas climb into their rented home.  To save his family, Jack kills the two men and his life goes downhill from there.

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No Time for Goodbye – Linwood Barclay

No Time for Goodbye

No Time for GoodbyeLinwood Barclay (Book 12 of 2010)

Book No 12 of 2010 is Linwood Barclay’s No Time for Goodbye. What would you do if one day you were a normal fourteen year old with a mother, father and brother. You get caught with a boy in a car at the mall drinking, your father pulls your butt out of the car, you go to bed, wake up the next morning and YOUR FAMILY is GONE! no note, no evidence of a fight or struggle they are just gone! That what happens to Cynthia Bigge in No Time for Goodbye.

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Parnell Hall – You Have the Right to Remain Puzzled (Puzzle Lady #8) Book 11 of 2010

You Have the Right to Remian Puzzled 2

You Have the Right to Remian Puzzled 2 Book No. 11 for 2010 is the 8th book in the Puzzle Lady series by Parnell Hall, You Have the Right to Remain Puzzled. Now I read my first book in the other series by Parnell Hall featuring Stanley Hastings in 1991 and have loved that series. I read the my first Puzzle Lady book,  Book 1 A Clue for the Puzzle Lady of the series in 2000. Why I’ve waited ten years to read another I don’t know! Maybe it’s like being an Mets fan and not being able to root for the Yankees or the Giants and the Jets anyway to hell with that, I loved this book!

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