2011 Reads

Book 20 – 2011 The Baxter Trust – Parnell Hall

So one of my favorite mystery series is Parnell Hall‘s Stanley Hasting series. Well now Mr. Hall wishes to be the “King of Kindle” and as such he has placed his books at the Kindle store at bargain prices. In addition, he has put up a series he wrote under the name of J.P Hailey. These books feature a down on his luck lawyer, actor, and cab driver named Steve Winslow. Book 20 for 2011 is the first of these books The Baxter Trustand while it may not be  great literature, it is great fun!

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Book 19 – Misery Bay – Steve Hamilton

So I was all set last night to write about my run. How another rock band Voodoo Circle and their new album Black Heart Syndrome was the soundtrack for the 4.2 mile run complete in just under a ten minute per mile pace (which was not bad because I went uphill for parts of the run), but alas that was not to be! I sat down started to read Book 19 Steve Hamilton‘s latest Alex McKnight novel Misery Bay and continued reading until I went to bed,(except for that 1/2 hour nap). I finished the book at lunchtime today.<u> Misery Bay</u> is the eighth book in the McKnight series and the first since 2006 and is a worthy addition to the series.

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Live Wire – Harlan Coben


Live Wire – Harlan Coben (Myron Bolitar #10)

 Live Wire by Harlan Coben.starts when  Suzze T a former tennis star and client visits Myron and asks him to find an anonymous Facebook member, The Facebook member  left a post questioning the paternity of her unborn child. She also wants Myron to find her husband Lex Rider. Rider is also one of Myron’s clients.He is a member of the famous rock band HorsePowe. Horsepower is  fronted by, the looks to die for, but reclusive, Gabriel Wire. Suzze tells Myron that Lex ran off after seeing the post.

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Book 17 – Dog On It – Spencer Quinn

Book Number 17 is the first in a series featuring the detective duo of Chet and Bernie Little, Dog On It. Chet, the narrator of the private eye mystery, is the dog who is on it, on it being a case involving a missing fifteen year old girl, Madison Chambliss. The novel is from the point of view of Chet and is wonderfully entertaining. Chet works along side Bernie, a small time private eye. Chet flunked out of K-9 school…(it was that incident with the squirrel at graduation, that he’ll tell us about later) and is a true dog, who loves to bark, hunts for food on the floor on  visits to suspects, hates cats and sometimes he doesn’t realize that the sound he hears is actually his tail wagging. Throughout the book the reader never loses sight of the fact that Chet is a dog! While the story was ok and had some twists and turns and Chet had a big adventure, it was truly the characters that made the book Chet, Bernie, Suzie and all the rest! Here’s what some others say about the book:

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Book 16 – Gideon’s Sword – Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

Book 16 is the latest book from the writing team of Douglas Preston and Lee Child Gideon’s Sword.The book is the first book in a proposed series featuring Gideon Crew. I go back a long way with Preston and Child to the first book in the Pendergrast series Relic published in 1995! Unfortunately, I only read the first book and parts of the second Reliquary. That series is now up to book ten and I have several on my Mount to Be Read pile! Anyway rather than go back and catch up I thought I move forward with the new series! At twelve years old Gideon sees his father killed in a hostage stand-off involving his work for the government. On her death bed his mother his mother reveals that his father was a scapegoat concerning a failed project that left twenty six CIA agent s dead! Gideon sets out to clear his father’s name and does that rather quickly in the book. After revenging his father’s death Gideon returns to his favorite fishing hole and thinks he will just resume his normal life. Soon he is contacted by a subcontractor for the Department of Homeland security and offered an assignment to steal the plans for a new weapon from a Chinese scientist who is entering the country. This plunges Gideon into a whole new world, but he may have the talents for it because along the way the reader discovers that he is a master of disguises and a former Art Museum thief. The action is fast paced with several twists and turns. I enjoyed the read but in places found some events very implausible, but sometimes that in these types of books, so you just suspend belief and go along for the ride. The ride is pretty damn good so check it out! I enjoyed the character of Gideon Crew and along the way I learned a few things particularly about the Falun Gong and the Potter’s Field at Hart Island in Long Island Sound. So again check it out as for me I guess I need to go back and read some of those Pendergrast books!

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Books 14 and 15 – Ultralongevity and The Bone Yard

So I have finished two books in the last week Book Number 14 is UltraLongevity: The Seven-Step Program for a Younger, Healthier You by Mark Liponis and Book Number 15 is The Bone Yard by Jefferson Bass. Both were very good reads! Mark Liponis is the Medical Director of Canyon Ranch Health Resorts and author coautrhor of the book UltraPrevention. The book outlines a seven step program for “a younger and healthier you”! The book is based on the latest research on aging and the immune system. From the dust jacket:

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Book 13 – Vince Flynn – Consent to Kill

Yeah finally finished Book 13 for 2011 Consent to Kill by Vince Flynn. Constent to Kill is the sixth book in the Mitch Rapp series by Flynn, The series is now up to Book 11, so I have some reading to do to catch up on the series! Mitch Rapp is a  CIA assassin working deep Black Ops. in the book prior to this one Memorial Day. Rapp saved Washington from a nuclear holocaust and along the way made some very powerful enemies! Now those enemies have put a price on his head and hired a very savvy assassin to do the job!

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The Secret Soldier – Alex Berenson (John Wells #5)

Alex Berenson - Th Secret Soldier

Ok, quick quiz , Who is the current King of Saudi Arabia? Who is his son? Brother? Dis everyone get it right! I wouldn’t have! But they are all main characters in Alex Berenson‘s new John Wells adventure The Secret Soldier. This is book 12 for the year, (boy am I way behind!) and the fifth in the Wells series. After several terrorist attacks in the Kingdom, King Abdullah contacts new ex-CIA operative John Wells to determine if his brother Saed and Saed’s son were involved in the attacks. Saed thinks that he is the rightful heir to the throne, while Abdullah wants his son Khalid to succeed him, and Saed is none to pleased with that.   Soon Wells is immersed in a mission not only to make the determination, but also to save US and Saudi relations!!

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Book 11 – Getting Past OK – Richard Brodie

So the eleventh book read in 2011 was Richard Brodie‘s Getting Past OK: The Self-Help Book for People Who Don’t Need Help. This is the second book I’ve read by Brodie this year the first was Virus of the Mind. Brodie is best known as the author of the original version Microsoft Word. After helping Microsoft achieve it’s intial success Brodie was burnt out and dropped out for three years and went on a search for a more meaningful life. He studied all the methods of self-help looking for ways to get past OK and  have a more meaningful llife with true satisfaction and fulfillment. In this book Brodie provides a step by step guide for discovering your own individual formula for long term success and happiness.

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Book 10 – The Breach – Patrick Lee

Book 10 of 2011 was Patrick Lee’s The Breach. The Breach is the first book of what’s now a two book series featuring Travis Chase, Paige Campbell and the Breach. The second book, which I read first is Ghost Country. The book is an action adventure book with some sci-fi thrown in. The Breach itself is an anomaly, like a ripe in space, through which entities are sent to Earth from some other vastly more intelligent world. The entity that is the focus of this book is The Whisper. The Whisper knows all and it’s mission is to cause trouble and in the book it certainly does! From the opening chapter when a plane carrying the Whisper and the First Lady of the United States goes down and the Whisper is stolen, to the last pages where the home of the Breach Border Town run by a group known as Tangent is attacked the action is fast and furious with lots of twists and turns. I really liked both of the books and I’m looking forward to more books featuring the likable team of Chase and Campbell!

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