2012 Reads

Book 23 0f 2012 – The Moses Expedition – Juan Gomez-Jurado

Book 23 of 2012, is on of the books that I picked up in Williamsburg several weeks ago, The Moses Expedition by Juan Gomez-Jurado.  From the book cover of the book:

After fifty years in hiding, the Nazi war criminal known as the Butcher of Spiegelgrund has finally been found, and with him the candle covered filigree gold that was stolen from a Jewish family. But it isn’t the gold that Father Anthony Fowler,a C.I.A. operative and the Vatican’s secret service, is seeking. As he holds the flame to wax, the candle unveils the missing fragment of an ancient map that reveals the location of the Ten Commandments tablets.

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Book 19 of 2012 – C.J Box – Force of Nature

Nate Romanowski  is the kinda person I would probably not like I real life, but in the world of Joe Pickett, I do! Both are characters in C.J. Box‘s Joe Pickett series and Book  No 19 of 2012 is Force of Nature the 13th book in that series! Nate Romanowski is falconer and an ex-member of the special forces now wanted by the FBI. He lives in the hills near Saddlestring, Wyoming and he has saved Game Warden Joe Pickett’s butt more than once and several incidences has done Joe’s dirty work. After Nate survives an attack on his life by locals and hears from a dying team member that “they’ve deployed”, he meets with Joe.  He says knows who is after him his ex-commander and falconry mentor John Namecek and he’s leaving the area to find out what’s happening  moreover Nate doesn’t expect to win the battle! Now Joe has never known why Nate had to move and live off the grid and Nate can’t tell him now because it will put Joe’s life in even more danger!

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Book 18 for 2012 – Karin Slaughter – Criminal

So hot in the heels of a great read James Rollins’ Bloodline, Book 18 for 2012 Karin Slaughter’s Criminal  may be even better. The book is the seventh in the Atlanta series featuring Will Trent and Sara Litton. I’ve written before that I put off reading the first book in this series Triptych for a long time because I loved the Slaughter’s Grant County series so much I didn’t think that this one could match up! Silly me! After a couple of books in this series the two series merged (for reasons not discussed here) and since then the series has been wonderful!

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Book 17 of 2012 – Bloodline – James Rollins

So  while I didn’t finish my current read last night, I got far enough that I was able to finish Book 17 for the year, James Rollins‘ sixth book in his Sigma Force series Bloodline, and in my humble opinion this may be the best book yet.You know I wrote, that throughout The Shadow Patrol, I kept waiting for that hook to come and really reel me into the story.  Well in this book it came before the story even started, when after the Prologue, I read these words:

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The Shadow Patrol – Alex Berenson (John Wells #6)

Alx Berenson - The Shadow Patrol

Alex BerensonSo throughout June I’ve been reading three books, The Last Great Senate by Ira Shapiro, Even Steven by John Gilstrap,  The Shadow Patrol by Alex Berenson. I finally finished Book 16 for the year and it was ta-da The Shadow Patrolby Alex Berenson, the sixth book in the John Wells series. Now I usually zip right through Berenson’s books, but this one not so much. I went to Goodreads.com thinking that I’d be reading some not so complimentary reviews, but when I got there I sfound out that most people loved it! Here’s what Publisher’s Wekkly said about the book:

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Book 15 of 2012 – The Paris Vendetta – Steve Berry

So this evening was spent in Paris, as I raced to the conclusion of Book 15 for 2012 The Paris Vendetta by Steve Berry. The Paris Vendetta released in 2009  is the 5th book in Berry’s Cotton Malone series and once again follows Berry’s successful formula of mixing historic fact with Berry fiction. In this installment the historic facts include Rommel’s Gold, Napoleon’s lost treasure and his exile at Ebla and St. Helena.

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Book 14 of 2012 – Steve Berry – The Charlemange Pursuit

So I picked up three Steve Berry books a couple of weeks ago at the library’a used book sale one of them,  The Charlemange Pursuit is Book 14 for 2012. The novel is the 4th in Berry’s Cotton Malone series. So far this is only my second Malone book the other being the current book (7) in the series The Jefferson Key.  I have read one other Berry book The Amber Room, which is not a Cotton Malone book, which is probably why I don’t remember him in that book, ya’ think!  Anyway I do really like Berry’s novels and the mixture of historical fact with some Berry fiction mixed in. The Charlemange Pursuit includes some historical information about the Carolingian period of European history, secret US submarines and a highly advanced civilization that may predate any civilization that we know! Oh and the search by the Nazi’s for their Aryan forefathers.

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Book 13 of 2012 – Break No Bones – Kathy Reichs

So last night was a horrible sports night for Philadelphia as the Flyers Stanley Cup quest ended in flames, the Sixers lost ugly in Chicago, 26 points in the first HALF! and the Phillies continue their plunge to the bottom. But the good thing was that I could pay more attention to the book that I was reading than the games! As a result, I finished Book 13 for 2012 Break No Bones by Kathy Reichs. Reichs character forensic anthropoligist Temperance Brennan is the basis for the lead character in the TV series “Bones”. Break No Bones is the 9th book in the series, but is the first one I have read.  I was expecting the character of Temperance to be similar to the character in the series, but really the only similiarity is her occupation, oh and her budding relationship with the detective she works with. Now with that said I did enjoy the book! The story began with” Tempe” teaching a field class on Dewees Island near Charleston, South Carolina. The class was conducting a cultural resource survey to determine if an old Native American burial site was significant enough to stop a proposed development on the island. In a shallow grave a fresh skeleton is discovered. Soon Tempe is asked to assist with the investigation by the local coroner and old friend Emma Rousseau. Soon bodies are piling up, Tempe’s former husband arrives investigating the disappearance of a local young woman and her connection to a local clinic. When Tempe’s current beau Ryan arrives Tempe’s love life gets complicated. The book is fast paced and has some good forensic moments and I enjoyed the characters. I wouldn’t put Reichs writing up there with other writers like James Lee Burke or Dennis Lehane, but I will read more of her books!

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Book 12 of 2012 – Feast Day of Fools – James Lee Burke

Ok so looking back through my Goodreads.com bookshelf,  I see that I read my first James Lee Burke book, The Neon Rain and was introduced to the world of Dave Robicheaux in 1990! And now 22 years and 17 books later, I still can’t wait for the next book Creole Belle which is due out in July! In the meantime,  Book 12 for 2012 Feast Day of Fools is book three in another of Burke’s series featuring Hackberry Holland,  and I must say that this series is just as good,  if not better than the Robicheaux series! Hackberry Holland first appeared in Burke’s 1971’s Lay Down My Sword and Shield and didn’t appear again until the release of Rain Gods last year! Holland is the sheriff in a small southern Texas border town and in this book he faces some pretty nasty villians! From Burke’s website:

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