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Current Reads – Is Five Too Many??

Creole Belle

Ok so how many books is it Ok to read at one time? Right now, I’m reading five! Is that too many? On the fiction side, I’m reading the latest from novel from one of my all time favorite authors James Lee Burke,Creole Belle. He is such a great writer! It takes about two to three pages for me to get sucked back into the world of Dave Robicheaux and Clete Purcell and New Iberia, Louisiana!

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Book 8 of 2013 – Trust Your Eyes – Linwood Barclay

Trust Your Eyes 2

Ok so I’ve written before that I loved Linwood Barclay‘s Zack Walker books and wished that he kept writing them. When I questioned him about that he said that while the books received critical acclaim  they just didn’t sell well, then he started writing standalone thrillers and his career took off! While after finishing his latest book Trust Your Eyes, I will never again question his decision and I will eagerly awaiting his next standalone!!  For me Trust Your Eyes is the best book he has written yet and I am not alone in the opinion:

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Book 7 of 2013 – Deep Sky – Patrick Lee


Ok so let me say this right at the beginning of the post. Book No. 7 of 2013 is the third book in the Travis Chase trilogy Deep Sky, by Patrick Lee. If you are going to read this book make sure that you read Books one, The Breech and two Ghost Country first!! Preferably you read them consecutively not like I did reading Book 2 first and then quickly going back and reading Book 1! With that said after finishing the book and having everything wrapped up and explained very nicely I feel like I want to go back and read the series again just so that I can understand everything and even then I might not understand it all! From Patrick Lee’s website:

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Fireproof – Alex Kava

Fireproof - Alex Kava

What’s Happening!

So,far 2013 has not been a great year, I think that I’ve missed more work both at Target and Lippincott Jacobs this month than I did all last year, as I’ve fought this upper respiratory virus. My wife his been fighting the same virus. Then top that with the loss of the son’s brother-in-law Will, and Peter’s wife’s grandfather and well it hasn’t been a great month to say the least!

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Book 5 of 2013 – Fire in the Ashes – Jonathan Kozol

Fire in the Ashes

I read Death at an Early Age by Jonathan Kozol about 40 years ago, it was a stirring account of his first year as a teacher in the Boston school system working with some of the most disadvantaged students in America. The book won the National Book Award in Science, Philosophy and Religion. It has sold more than two million copies in the United States and Europe. The book made an impact on me and lead me to change my major to education, however I soon ran away from education and concentrated on Political Science, it wasn’t until several years later I returned to school at the University of Georgia and received my B.S. ED in social science education. But stuff happens and I never taught, I got caught up in life and work and a family and I took the easy path and stayed where I was, but many times I regret the decision not to teach. Anyway throughout the years I kinda stayed away from  politics and the writing of Jonathan Kozol. I knew he was out there fighting for the poorest of the poor in the South Bronx with books like Amazing Grace and Rachel and Her Children but I never read them. Well when I saw his new book Fire in the Ashes: Twenty-Five Years Among the Poorest Children in America I couldn’t resist and it has become Book 5 of 2013.

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Book 4 of 2013 – The Inquisitor’s Key – Jefferson Bass

The Inquisitor's Key

Book No. 4 of 2013 is the latest Body Farm Novel from Jefferson Bass (aka Jon Jefferson and Dr. Bill Bass) The Inquisitor’s Key. This book is number seven in this fine series and it’s a little different from its predecessors. While the main storyline does involve bones, specifically, whether or not the bones that Bill Brockton’s assistant Miranda and her former archeology professor Stefan Beauvoir have found under the Palace of the Popes in Avignon France are the bones of Jesus of Nazareth, the setting is not the typical range of Bill and Miranda. Avignon France is a long way from the Body Farm in Knoxville and their offices beneath Neilan Stadium on the campus of the University of Tennessee. Finally, there’s a lot more history included in this novel, as the story twists and turns involves The Pope and the Palace of Popes in Avignon, and The Shroud of Turin.

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Book 3 of 2013 – Destiny of the Republic – Candice Millard

Borrowing the closing line from King Kong and morphing it a little “Oh no, it wasn’t Giteau that killed Garfield, it was the doctors!”, makes it fit Book Number 3 of 2013 Destiny of the Repbulic: A Tale of Madness, Medicine and the Murder of a President by Candice Millard. The subject of the book is the assassination of the 20th President of the United States, James A. Garfield. Considering the mass of information that most history classes cover about all you ever hear is that Garfield was shot by a disgruntled person who wanted a civil service appointment. What we weren’t told was the appointment Charles Giteau wanted was Ambassador to France, or what an amazing man and beloved President, Garfield was,if only for a short period. The tale of the assassination involves obviously Garfield, and Charles Giteau his assailant, but also includes the theories of Joseph Lister and the inventions of Alexander Graham Bell! Millard has taken these pieces and woven a fine and easy reading and enjoyable book!

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Book 2 0f 2013 – The Boy in the Suitcase – Lene Kaaberol and Agnete Friis

Book No. 2 of 2013 is the first book that I received as a Christmas present this year The Boy in the Suitcase by Lene Kaaberol and Agnete Friis! The book came from my daughter Elizabeth after I commented on the cover of the book (when I picked it up at the library for her) that it says “Fans of Nordic crime fiction rejoice” that I was a fan of Nordic crime fiction!  Anyway after reading the book i am a fan of the authors and so are a lot of others. Here are the awards that it have been bestowed upon it:

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More Books – Just What I Needed – Right!

Hello, my name is Edward and I’m a book-a-holic! Yes and I need to be kept away from bokstores and libraries! The other night even after getting so many books for Christmas I was checking out the list of books I made before Christmas and my Wish List on Amazon and I saw Destiny of the Republic: A Tale of Madness , Medicine and the Murder of a President by Candice Millard, which looks to me to be a great read! So I checked the library catalog and it was checked in at one of the branches, so I requested it, and tonight it came in!

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Book 1 of 2013 – Reset: Iran, Turkey and America’s Future

 Book 1 of 2013 is a book that I picked up at Dollar Tree, Reset: Iran, Turkey and America’s Future by Stephen Kinzer. I knew little about Mr Kinzer when I purchased the book, but I found the premise that the best path for the US to follow to lead to a stable Middle East runs not through Israel and traditional Arab allies but through Turkey and Iran. The foundation of the premise is that these are the only two countries in the Arab world that have a strong democratic tradition. I realy enjoyed the history Kinzer presents in the book. I knew little about Kemal Ataturk. I knew the name but not the impact that he had on the formation of a democratic Turkey. Kinzer also discusses the democratic foundations of Iran that were derailed by the US as we supported the 1953 coup that replaced democracy in Iran with the despotic Shah, a move that ultimately lead to the theocratic government that now is in power in Iran. Other highlights included an analysis of the US’ support of and partnerships with both Saudi Arabia and Israel, which really my not be the best in the ;llong run for the US!

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