2014 Reads

Kathleen Mallory #11- It Happens in the Dark – Carol O’Connell

In Kathleen Mallory, author Carol O’Connell has created one of the most distinctive characters in the mystery and thrillerIt Happens oin the Dark genre. Mallory is

…. described by her creator as a sociopath. Emotionally scarred as a 6-year-old after she witnessed the murder of her mother in a small Louisiana town, Mallory flees to New York City, where she lives as a street child. She is caught trying to steal by police officer Louis Markowitz, who takes her home and becomes her foster father.

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No Safe House – Linwood Barclay

No Safe House

No Safe House – Linwood Barclay (Book 24 for 2014)

The first Linwood Barclay books I read were his Zack Walker mystery books, and I loved them! After I fnished the third book and was ready to move on, I discovered that Mr. Barclay had left that series, and moved on to write stand alone thrillers. The first one was No Time to Say Goodbye and it was great! Since then I have read and enjoyed all of his books.  The latest is No Safe House. In No Safe House, Barclay treats his readers to further adventures of the Archer family,  the main characters in No Time to Say Goodbye!

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Fuzzy Nation – John Scalzi’s Reimagining of H. Beam Piper’s Little Fuzzy done well!

Fuzzy Nation

Little did I know when I sat down to read Fuzzy Nation by John Scalzi, that the story of Fuzzy’s story had been told before by H Fuzzy NationBeam Piper,in a very success trilogy starting with Little Fuzzy, and continuing in Fuzzy Sapiens and Fuzzies And Other People. (You can read more about H Beam Piper and his books at the H Beam Piper Memorial Website.). Even if I knew that the story was an update of these books, I don’t think that it would have hurt Scalzi’s marvelous re-imagining of their tale!

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The Latest James Rollins & Linwood Barclay Books added to John Scalzi and Karin Slaughter ! Too Many Books – Never!!

Cop Town

Yeah, I finally change the currently reading book to John Scalzi‘s  Fuzzy Nation!! I could actually add two more books to theCop Town sidebar because I am also reading Karin Slaughter’s new release Cop Town, which is he first stand alone novel, along with Robert D. Kaplan‘s The Revenge of Geography.  The later of course is my current nonfiction read! Now with all that on my plate ,you’d think I’d  be satisfied, right!   Wrong!

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Subversives: The FBI’s War on Student Radicals and Reagan’s Rise to Power – Now We Know!


SubversivesAfter several months, yesterday I finally finished Seth Rosenfeld’s terrific book Subversives – The FBI’s War on Student Radicals and Reagan’s Rise to Power.

usually when I ‘m reading a book like this and I then pick up other books while reading it, I most time don’t go back to the book. This book an exception the book is just so good and the story that it tells about the FBI and the student protests at the University of California so much a part of my past that I couldn’t give up! While I was at the University of Florida (1970-1974) I was involved in two campus demonstrations one concerning black enrollment and studies and the other an antiwar demonstration after the announcement of the mining of Haiphong Harbor, etc nether approached the violence that was seen at Berkeley!

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Missing You – Harlan Coben

Missing You

Missing You – Harlan Coben – Journeys into the Past are necessary and often painful!

When NYPD Detective Kat Donovan sends her ex-fiancée Jeff Raynes “Their Video” on the dating site  You are just my type.com and his response is “It’s Cute”, Kat doesn’t understand his response.  Eighteen years earlier, before he dumped her and left town, their love was real and magical. Sure his dating site biography says he is a widower, but should his response be that lame? Well, he just wants to move on thinks Kat and so does Kat.  She has more important things to do too, her father’s murderer is dying and she needs to visit one more time before he dies.  When she does the hit man who killed her father, once again proclaims his innocence.

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Patrick Lee – Runner – Sam Dryden #1 – I’m ready for Book #2 – Now Patrick!


RunnerSam Dryden has retired after being an Army Ranger, a Delta, and spending five years doing off-the-book black ops with an elite team.t In Runner ,(Book 18 of 2014) the first book of the Dryden series by Patrick Lee, he has to use all his skill and cunning to keep young Rachael Grant alive.  Sam literally runs into Rachael when insomnia forces him out for a middle of the night run, and well, Rachael is on the run too only in Rachael’s case she has a passel of  military men after her using a lot of high-tech gadgetry, with one aim take her out! When Rachael runs into Sam, she hopes that he will save her  and Sam having lost his wife and child an accident five years earlier wants to do just that.

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James Rollins – Grant Blackwood – The Kill Switch – a Tucker Wayne and Kane thriller!!

The Kill Switch

The Kill SwitchI have been a fan of James Rollins since I read Map of Bones (Sigma #2) back in 2005. In addition to all the Sigma Force novels, except for the first one, I have read three of  Rollins early stand alone novels and all are great!  The thing that I like best about the Rollins novels is – the science,  no it’s the action, no the political aspects….- the whole package!!! The Associated Press writes….

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Rediscovering the Books of Richard Hoyt – Fish Story leads to his new book Crow’s Mind!

Fish Story

Fish StoryThe first year that I really started to make fairly detailed notes regarding the books that I read that year was 1988.  Recording the exact dates that I read the books didn’t start until March for January and February the books are only listed by the months. The first book of the year was Richard Hoyt’s Fish Story.  Fish Story is the fourth book in the John Denson series from Hoyt. From Goodreads…..

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