Smorgasblog # 3: EPA Un-American? and Pakistan’s Abdul Sattar Edhi passes

Abdul Sattar Eidhi
From Grist: GOP lawmaker says EPA is absurd, irresponsible, and “un-American

So there are many things, well maybe most things, that members of the Grand Obnoxious Party (GOP) say annoy me. One of the most annoying is that any new regulation reduce their profits. Profits that they in turn would have used to create jobs! Yeah, we’ve all seen what happens when taxes are lowered on businesses and the wealthy. Does the money go back into the economy?? Do they create new jobs? Ah, no! They pocket the money and the gap between the wealthy and the rest of us gets a little wider!

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Book 6 – The Rise of Islamic Captialism – Vali Nasr

Book No 6 is another book concerning the Middle East The Rise of Islamic Capitalism – Why the New Muslim Middle Class is the Key to Defeating Extremismby Vali Nasr. Nasr was born in Iran and is a professor of International Relations at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy of Tufts University. The main thesis of the book is that the way to win in the Middle East is to support and strengthen the capitalism of the growing middle class. He believes that the majority of the populous of the Middle East want not a fundamentalist Islam but a more modern Islam that will blend religion with a strong economy. The book traces the failures of secularism throughout the Middle East and delves into the failure of the Iraniam Islamic revolution to spread. He discusses the current Iran predicament, Pakistan and finally folds up Turkey as a country that may have gotten it right. I found the book enlightening and informative! Here is a quote from the cover:

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