Self Help

Book 11 – Getting Past OK – Richard Brodie

So the eleventh book read in 2011 was Richard Brodie‘s Getting Past OK: The Self-Help Book for People Who Don’t Need Help. This is the second book I’ve read by Brodie this year the first was Virus of the Mind. Brodie is best known as the author of the original version Microsoft Word. After helping Microsoft achieve it’s intial success Brodie was burnt out and dropped out for three years and went on a search for a more meaningful life. He studied all the methods of self-help looking for ways to get past OK and  have a more meaningful llife with true satisfaction and fulfillment. In this book Brodie provides a step by step guide for discovering your own individual formula for long term success and happiness.

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Books 43 and 44 – Davidson and Levine

So 2010 ends with 44 books read down the stretch I finished two books No 43 was “LEAP “What Will We Do with the Rest of Our Lives” by Sara Davidson. Conducting over 150 interviews from 2003 to 2006 Sara Davidson has crafted a book that explores what us boomers will be facing as we approach the later parts of our lives. From the dust cover ” she explores such questions as:

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