Me, Myself

It is Really All About Your Kids!

Zoe and Peter

As a Parent, You Want to Take Care of Them and their Kids Forever!

Several years ago, we were in Virginia either taking my daughter Elizabeth to school or visiting. Either way we were driving down the main drag in Williamsburg when we received a phone call from the home were my mother was living. The home was requesting my permission to take away her phone, Mom suffered from Parkinson’s disease and the medication she was taking often left her with very real delusions. These delusions often resulted in her thinking that people came in buses to take residents from the home to Ohio, She luckily had not been among those chosen to be removed! Other delusions included a fear of being arrested because one of the nurses hid cocaine in her stuffed monkey. At the time of the phone call, she believed that one of the male residents was out to kill her and that night she had called 911 because he was in her room!! Needless to say, there was no man, but the home still had to call me to get permission to take her phone to avoid any repeats of the mess she created

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Granddad’s Forces Battle a Cold!

…the Cold slows the War against Aging….

So I think that over the last week as I have fought a very annoying cold that my biologic clock has possibly stopped going backwards and started to more forward again! Thankfully, I do believe that it is on its last legs and hopefully be gone or at the very least very minimal by tomorrow!  Due to the cold and feeling crappy, I have not run or really done any hard exercising. Here’s a photo representation of me working out last week.

Granddad exercising with a cold

On the mornings that I felt half alive, I was able to do Hatha yoga otherwise I just sat around, felt miserable and read! The only good thing was that I did finish two books. First Dance of Death from Preston and Child and then Inspector of the Dead by David Morrell. Both were terrific!

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Elizabeth Conquers the Broad Street Run!

Lizzie Came, She Ran, She Conquered – 2015 Broad Street Run

So the Broad Street Run went pretty well today! We parked in the Wells Fargo parking lot and took the Broad line up to the starting line around the Olney Station. While I rode the high-speed line from Lindenwold into the city back in the 70s, this was my first trip on the Broad St subway, and I believe Elizabeth said itself her first trip on any subway.

Broad Street Run - Yellow CorralLizzie was in the yellow corral, which was the next to last group to start. Since I have never been in a race with this many runners, I was unfamiliar with the starting procedures. The start of each corral was spaced maybe five minutes apart. I always thought that the group moved as one, but your time didn’t start until you crossed the starting line. Instead it’s like having seven smaller races! Unfortunately I missed seeing Lizzie at the start!

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Saturday Potpouri:Broad Street Run and more….

Broad Street Run, Books, children and grandchildren,  NFL draft, does it get better?

So today has been a busy and very nice day.It started with a trip into Philly to pick up my daughter Elizabeth’!s race packet for tomorrow’s Broad Street run. She will be running down Broad Street tomorrow along with around 39000 other people! She has to be at the start at 7:40 for the 8:00 start. Since there is no parking for 40000 people at the street we have to park at the Sport’s complex and take Septa to the start and then I will have to travel back by Septa to the finish at the Navy yard! I don’t know if I will go all the way at once or go half way and wait to see her and then go to the finish. The question is will I be able to see her among the crowd of runners! Anyway it should be interesting. Wish us luck!  Oliver sent his advice to Aunt Lizzie via his talented mommy!!

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Oliver and Zoe – Our Yin and Yang

Yin Yang

A Fun Day with Yang Grandson Oliver

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I am a strong believer in the duality of both nature and the human spirit, The yin and the yang, light and dark, male and female, Narcissus and Goldmund,, the active and the passive, Can you see where I’m going with this?? If you check, the post prior to this one is about our passive grandchild Zoe.Yesterday was spent babysitting  our more active grandchild Oliver. Included in the  description of yin and yang  at Wikipedia is:the following…..

…Yin and yang can be thought of as complementary (rather than opposing) forces that interact to form a dynamic system in which the whole is greater than the assembled parts. Everything has both yin and yang aspects, (for instance shadow cannot exist without light). Either of the two major aspects may manifest more strongly in a particular object, depending on the criterion of the observation. The yin yang shows a balance between two opposites with a little bit in each. Read More

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The Schultüte, Nana Karn and Thoughts of Dresden

Charlotte Meyer with Schultüte

Schultüte – the traditional German School Cone

Sometime last week my wife came across some of my old family pictures and gave them to me to put away One  was a picture of my father’s mother Charlotte Frieda MeyerCharlotte Meyer Report Card. In the picture she is holding a cone that is almost as long as she is tall. So my wife set out to find out, what the cone was.

What she discovered is the cone is called a “Schultüte” (or School Cone). The word “Tute” actually translate more literally as “bag”. In Eastern Germany it is often called a Zuckertute, a sugar bag! The cone was originally made of paper and more recently plastic,

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Unraveling the Cliver Family lines!

James Shreve Regars

So I haven’t posted anything here in several days, why you ask, or maybe not! Anyway, yesterday, we spent some time with granddaughter Zoe and Saturday we babysat for grandson Oliver. The rest of the time I have spent trying to unravel my Cliver ancestral line. I have not really done much work on that line since I discovered it way back about ten to fifteen years ago. My fourth great grandmother is Ann M. Cliver, who was born in 1823. Ann is the daughter of Eleanor Johnson and Samuel Cliver. What I have been trying to figure out is who is the father of Samuel born in 1795 in Burlington County, NJ..

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Discovering a New Karn Cousin!

Karn Brothers Edward and Charles, and Brother-in-law George Hintermeier

A few weeks ago, my daughter Elizabeth went to Target to pick up an order for my wife, at Customer Service, an older gentleman, asked her for identification. After he checked the name, she thought he said “Karn, my mother’s maiden name was Karn”. When she came home and told us what he said, my wife and I couldn’t figure out the family connection. With not many Karn’s around the area, we knew he had to be related, but there was no one that we knew of who could be his mother! We needed to find out!!

The only way it would work is if he actually said that his grandmother’s maiden name was Karn! In that case his grandmother was probably Emma Karn, my grandfather’s sister. Emma married Fred Neuman and they lived on Creek Road in Delran. They were actually the next-door neighbors of my long-time boss Wayne Lippincott! Emma and Fred had three children two duaghters and one son, Fred. Since the name of the cashier was Fred, it was a good bet that the above case was true!! Fred and I often talk at the check out and he calls me “Young fella” telling him once that I’m old too, he said – but not as old as me and he is right, I’m ten years his junior!

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Changes in the Karn Christmas Traditions!

Oliver and Santa2

Merry Christmas Morning to All! I hope everyone has a wonderful day today!! For the first time in 35 plus years Christmas morning will not be spent in our house! But I do believe that will be more than made up for by the presence of Oliver Edward and Zoe Isabella. This Christmas morning will be spent at son Andrew and Meaghan’s home. The other difference will be that Elizabeth will not be the first to open here presents, that honor will go to the youngest Ms. Zoe!!

My other fear is that young Oliver did not get a glimpse of Santa last nigh putting out his family’s presents and heaven forbid that he saw mommy kissing Santa!!

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Dad watches proudly as Elizabeth runs her first 10K!! Yes, our Elizabeth!!


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A month or so ago our daughter Elizabeth surprised her mother and I, when she told us that on November 8th we had to go with her to Trenton, where she would be running a 10K!  It surprised us because she has never been athletic. She enjoys and follows sports, but never played any, or even showed any inclination to do so. When she had to run the mile in gym in high school, she mostly walked! Her brother Andrew ran cross-country as  did I, and I also continue to run, but not Elizabeth. This running surprise comes after we were surprised at her graduation party for receiving her Master’s Degree from the University of Delaware, At the party,  we were told by her friend, that Elizabeth is awesome when she works out with weights at the gym. Our Elizabeth???

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