TV Memories

Remembering Bob Newhart as Dick Loudon and a very funny Book Talk interview!!


newhart1-1-013Bob Newhart has alway been a favorite of mine. Whether he was Bob Hartley dealing with Mr. Carlin, Howard Bordon,or the Peeper, or Dick Loudon going up against Larry, Daryl and Daryl or any of the zany folks who lived in the Vermont community where he owned the Stratford Inn. Most recently Bob went up against Shelton Cooper on the Big Bang Theory, playing Professor Proton the TV scientist who inspired Sheldon and Leonard to become scientists. Newhart one his first Emmy for his performance.  Bob always makes me laugh. I don’t think anyone plays the deadpan straight man better!! I always loved the way that they always gave Bob an opportunity to work his comedic magic on the phone into the Newhart shows!  From his Facebook page…..

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TV Memories – Afternoon laughs from Tim Conway!!

tim conway 4

So this afternoon, I was tired and miserable. I had worked all day yesterday from 8:30 AM to 11:15 PM, first at my regular job and then at Target, for the first time in a long. And the work at my regular job involved a couple of trips through a woods in Deptford carrying equipment to do soil boring.Anyway you get the idea. My 62-year old body was hurting and I had work tonight at Target from 5:30 to 11:15 to look forward to! So I needed a laugh and when I need a laugh sometimes I turn to an actor, who to me is a comic genius. I don’t think that there are many people who do sketch comedy better than Tim Conway! His work on The Carol Burnett show was great! So I watched one more time one of my favorite sketches The Dentist, featuring Tim and Harvey Korman – What a tough job Harvey Korman had playing the straight man. Half the fun of watching their sketches was watching him battle to keep a straight face as he watched Tim. They were battles that he most times lost as he did in this sketch!!

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Thoughts about Ed Sullivan and Victor Borge……

Ed Sullivan

Ed SullivanSo this morning I noticed that on this date October 13, 1974, the entertainment world said good-bye to one of the most influential people in its industry Edward Vincent “Ed” Sullivan! Ed Sullivan started out

,…as a newspaper sportswriter for The New York Evening Graphic.[5] When Walter Winchell, one of the original gossip columnists and the most powerful entertainment reporter of his day, left the newspaper for the Hearst syndicate, Sullivan took over as theater columnist. His theater column was later carried in The New York Daily News. His column, ‘Little Old New York’, concentrated on Broadway shows and gossip, as Winchell’s had and, like Winchell, he also did show business news broadcasts on radio.

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TV Memories – Watching the Emmys with thoughts of Newhart!

Newhart, Larry, Daryl and Daryl

Newhart, Larry, Daryl and DarylSo at this point in our lives my wife and I watch very little television. There may be a handful of shows that we watch, but usually I’m either listening to music, or reading while I half-watch whatever sport is currently in season on TV. But that wasn’t always the case, we were regular TV watchers back in the day, Tonight for the first time in many years, I watched the Emmy Awards. I was glad to see Jim Parsons win, as well as the Colbert Report! Both the Colbert Report and the Big Bang Theory are shows that we occasionally watch!!.Oh, and my wife watches  The Voice, which also won an Emmy  tonight. I was also happy to see Bob Newhart on the show. Seeing Bob always brings back fond memories of both his TV shows The Bob Newhart Show and Newhart. The former was always my favorite, but Newhart had its moments. I don’t think the there’s anyone better on the phone than Bob!

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Today in Music – 1967- The Who visit The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour!!

The Who Explosion

The Who Explosion
On this date 46 years ago, The Who gave a smashingly memorable performance on The Smothers Brothers Show. They performed their hit “My Generation” – not so memorable yet. At the end of the song, they started in “Whoian” fashion to destroy their instruments. Townsend smashes his guitar against the amps and Moon is knocking down his drums. Suddenly, the bass drum explodes…. Moon had it rigged to explode only the stagehand put in just a wee bit too much explosive, resulting in Moon’s leg being cut, and Townsend’s hair getting singed and his hearing permanently damaged!!

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An Evening Spent Remembering the Smothers Brothers!

Smothers Brothers

Smothers BrothersSo this morning as I was watching the video with Mark O’Connor it brought back memories of watching and listening to the Smothers Brothers! About a year ago, I spotted their album Mom Always Liked You Best in the basement and I brought it upstairs and gave it a listen and laughed and remembered just how funny they were! Here’s the post I wrote Morning Music and Laughs with The Smothers Brothers and the video I used was…drum roll please.. “Boil that Cabbage Down”

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Today in History – 1895 – Gracie Allen’s Birthday!


Burns_allen_1952So on this date in 1895, yes, you read that right,1895, one of the great comic actors of all time was born, Gracie Allen. From the time she began performing with her husband George Burns in vaudeville in 1922, until they finished production on their TV show in 1958, Americans loved the antics of Gracie. I have fond memories of the George Burns and Gracie Allen TV show. I remember watching it in the afternoon,so it must have been in the 60s when I was watching because the show ended its regular run in 1958, but reruns were shown on CBS in the daytime throughout the 60s.

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Today in TV History – Mr Ed passes to the Stable in the Sky.


So the question of the day is, “Why didn’t they name that horse something else?”  For years I’ve had to put up with people saying “Hey, Mr. Ed” and my response in my best Mr. Ed voice is Willlbburrr! The reason that I bring up the show is that on this day in 1979 Mister Ed died. Well actually,  Bamboo Harvester the horse that played Mr. Ed became ill and was euthanized in 1970. The horse that died in 1979 was a second Palomino horse, which had posed for still pictures used in press kits for the show, and after Bamboo Harvester’s death was known as Mr. Ed. Some background on the show from Wikipedia:

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Thalia Menninger?? Let’s go “Into the Night” with Dobie Gillis!

Dobie (Dwayne Hickman), Maynard (Bob Denver) and one of Dobie’s “many loves” (Danielle De Metz as Yvette LeBlanc).

So sometimes names just pop into your head, oh they don’t pop into yours, well then let me rephrase my statement. Names sometimes just pop into MY head. Like yesterday when I read that on 12/13/63 an episode of Burke’s Law was aired “Who Killed Cynthia Royal?” that featured Frankie Avalon playing a character named Max. The name that came  into my head was not Gene Barry who starred as the suave Amos Burke or Gary Conway the handsome sidekick, but Regis Toomey the character actor who played Detective Les Hart. Why, why is the name Regis Toomey stuck in my head??

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