Colin Spring – Highballs for the Lowbrow

So last week I wrote that after listening to Colin Spring‘s 2005 release How I Came To Cry These Tears Of Cool I went to CDBABY and bought his new album Highballs for the Lowbrow and it’s been spinning in the iPOD since then and every time I listen I hear something new and I like the album more and more!  In case you’ve forgotten or didn’t read the previous post, I found Colin’s name on the FAR Chart tied for 22 with a bunch of other artists.  The album title sounded interesting so I thought I’d give him a try and I am glad I did. At first the album seemed a little to rock pop for me but that changed when I really started listening to the lyrics. The other thing I really like is that each song has a different sound from the hard driving “Good Looking Man” to the closing cover of “Chevy Van”. Again to refresh or inform from his website:

Colin Spring is an Oregon based singer/songwriter who plays music influenced by folk, rock, and Americana. He has just finished his fifth album, Highballs For The Lowbrow. It was recorded partly at home and partly at the Recovery Room in Seattle with Engineer/Producer Graig Markel over the last two years.

Colin was finalist at the prestigious Dave Carter Memorial Songwriting Contest at the Sisters Folk Festival and has opened for Americana icon and Juno Winner Fred Eaglesmith several times (and has twice MC’d Fred’s annual Southern Picnic in Ontario, Canada)

Balancing folk-rock intelligence and indie rock swagger, Colin Spring blossoms on his fourth album…a master of heartfelt story-songs in the tradition of vintage Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan.-All Music Guide John D. Luerssen (author River Edge, The Weezer Story)

Like many albums I like just about every song but the tracks that stand a little higher than the others include: “Drunk Music for Drunk People”, “Sad Seaside Town” (reminds me of some Jersey Shore towns), “Reservation Strays” and “Low Hanging Fruit” (probably my favorite track)

Great lyrics from Low Hanging Fruit:

There’s a truck over turned in Calexico,
eight migrants inside,
eight crosses by the freeway
just on the California side
and your not going to find compassion
in the words of a minuteman
cause he left all those back in the marshy bogs
when he came home from Vietnam
and you can pick at the gaps in the border,
but you can kick the dirt with your boot
but to pick at the poor for just being poor
you’re picking at low hanging fruit,
your picking at low hanging fruit…….

and the song gets better check out the full song at his website! Or other songs at his myspace page.
Here’s Colin with “Rebate Blues”