Friday Night Quick Reads from Sirota and Robison and into the night with Jay Aymar!

Truthdig: David Sirota:The Politics of Sight  

David Sirota certianly makes some valid points in this post. I know I shouldn’t shop at Walmart but I still due because of the low prices! And if I really stopped to and thought about the killing of animals for meat, I’d return to vegetarianism (which I should do anyway)

I read this post after receiving an email from requesting that I sign a pettition  to tell the : US Military: Stop Shooting, Cutting Open, and Breaking the Limbs of Living Animals. The petition was started by Dr. James Santos a retired Lieutenant Commander in the Navy and a physician.  After working with real patients in the field and at the Naval Medical Center, Dr Santose knows that operating on live animals did not train him in how to treat real, complex human injuries! (P.S. I did not need to watch the graphic video to sign the petition!)

Eugene Robinson posts at Truthdig a good take on this week’s news that illegal  immigration into the US from Mexico has stopped and actually is reversing – What Immigration ‘Crisis’? Says something about the US  economic conditions, hey?

So last night after reading a post I had written about his music, I received a friend request and message of thanks from Jay Aymar! Thanks Jay, also and we go into the night with Jay’s “Passing Through”…