Friday’s Run Mix – Al and Shuggie!

Friday’s playlist from my four plus mile run!

“Coming Back (Across the Water)” – Bernard Allison – Good track from Luther’s son. Not my favorite album but maybe I should listen again!

“Guantanamo Bay” – David Rovics – my favorite current protest singer. Check out some of his songs like “Who would Jesus Bomb”

Here’s David’s song “New Orleans”:

“Expose” – Guy Clark – good song from the great Guy Clark. First introduced to Clark’s music by Jerry Jeff’s covers of “LA Freeway” and “Desperados Waiting for a Train” also covered by Tom Rush. His latest album “Somedays the Song Writes You” was on the player this spring for a long time!

“Remember I Feel Lonesome Too” – Chris Brashear and Peter McLaughlin
A nice folk acoustic album that probably not listened to enough! Peter McLaughlin is a National Flatpicking champion!

“Silent Night” – Eric Brace and Peter Cooper – the Jon Byrd song from Master Sessions a great song!

“Charleston Western Carolina Railroad” – Jim Smoak and the Louisiana Honeydrippers -another album that hasn’t been listened to for a while – Smoak’s voice is pleasant and the picking sounded pretty good!

“Louise” – Jerry Jeff Walker’s cover of the great Paul Seibel song. This one is from the early Vanguard years. Jerry Jeff rerecorded this song on the album Gypsy Songman and that version is much preferred!

“Hard Times” – From Australian folksinger Spike Flynn – need to listen to this album some more this is a fine track

“After All” – David Buskin from his debut album a good track that is not remembered but sounded good!

“Shuggie’s Shuffle” – Al Kooper and Shuggie Otis – occupied two-thirds of the fourth mile. Some good organ from Kooper and great guitar from Shuggie! And there are two new Al Kooper albums to check out Black Coffee and the new album White Chocolate

“Such a Good Night” – Eric Hisaw – another artist that doesn’t get played too often but sounded pretty good!

“As Long as the Sun” – Bill Morrissey – love this song from one of my favorite artists!

A good run and some good tunes favorite was the Al Kooper-Shuggie Otis track have to go back and listen to that album

Here’s Al and the Rekooperators with a Kooper classic!