From the Archives – Do you play Country Music when You’re in Pain? What music for what mood?

Hank Williams

So Chris Wall writes in the chorus of  his song –  “I Feel Like Hank Williams”

I play classical music when it rains,
I play country when I am in pain,
Tonight I won’t play Beethoven,
no the mood’s just not right,
no, I feel like Hank Williams tonight.

So the question is,  Do you play certain songs or artists at certain times to suit your mood?  If so what song or what artist, for what mood? I know that if I’m stressed out I usually turn to a little jazz and maybe Gary Burton’s vibes or I play R. Carlos Nakai’s native American Flute! If I need a little pick me up “The Best of the New Grass Revival” may come on, “Can’t Stop Now” always gets me going!  Maybe a little bluegrass from Rhonda Vincent something like “Drivin’ Nails in My Coffin” If I need a little laughter maybe John Prine’s  “Please Don’t Bury Me” or Steve Goodman’s “Vegematic”. They always bring smiles to my face!

Lately The Wide Album from Modern Man cracks me up! Then  there’s Jerry Jeff’s  album Navajo Rug for some unexplained reason the first three songs on that album “Navajo Rug”. “Just to Celebrate” and “Blue Mood” always improve  my mood!

So what songs, what artists, what mood??

Here’s Chris Wall with “I Feel Like Hank Williams”