Gone But Not Forgotten – the stories of Kathleen Clarke Karn’s Ancestors…….


My wife (aka kathy918@aol.com to the on-line genealogy community)is a terrific genealogist. For close to 2o years now she has researched her family line and I believe the lines of half of Burlington County, NJ. If success is measured by the amount of files and papers that she has, then she has been super successful! Four years ago she decided to start a blog to tell the stories of her ancestors. She created several posts and then she stopped.  I think that she has more stories to tell and more knowledge to impart about how to research your family tree. Believe me when I say, Ancestry.com and many of the other genealogical sites have made researching a hundred time easier than when my wife and I started our research, but I believe that the tips and methods to research that she can impart can help many with their research. As I was thinking about her blog and my blog I thought that we could work together to create a new site where both she and I could post about our research, as while as possibly give advice or answer questions. For the next few days I am going to repost her original posts and maybe add some of my experiences under the category “Gone But Not Forgotten”, assess the interest and then work on starting that new site. So here’s her first post……. My plan for 2010 was to start a blog about my family research, so here I am. I have been researching for about 15 years now and it is my passion. Genealogy is not just about names and dates–it is about the people and their incredible stories. I firmly believe that we can understand and know ourselves better by understanding and learning about our ancestors. My grandmother, Helen Fowler Coombs Browne, pictured with her dog Shep, lived with us throughout almost my entire childhood. She was born in 1888 and her grandmother ( born 1810) and her great aunts (born in the 1820’s) lived with her family. I am so lucky to have heard first hand accounts of these people who were born so many years ago. I have also inherited many wonderful photographs. I hope to find cousins through this blog and to share family photographs and stories with any of my family members and members of the genealogy community who are interested. By sharing these stories, my hope is that none of my ancestors will ever be forgotten…….. P.S. I knew Kathy’s grandmother for the last ten years of her life and she was an amazing woman. She mowed the lawn and did yard work, until she was well into her 80s!! When she lost her sight and couldn’t read any more, she got books on tape, well before they are a prominent as they are today!! I remember one night, when I was coming through the dining room, and heading toward the screened in porch where “Mi” was sitting. as I approached, I heard her say “Here comes some bowed legs toward me, it must be that Edward!” I wish my kids had a chance to met her, but maybe through Kathy’s writings they can get to know about her, and the rest of their ancestors!! As for some of my ancestors, maybe their stories remain best untold!!