Happiness Playlist #2 – Tracks from Prine, Clark, Chapin, Rush and Goodman! I’m Happy!

Heads & Tales

So this morning, as I looked at the books lying around I say that Your Playlist Can Change Your Life and I decided to Heads & Talescreate another playlist to make me happy! So I went to Spotify and created one featuring five artists who are at the center of my love for folk music: John Prine, Tom Rush, Guy Clark, Harry Chapin and Steve Goodman. I picked a few of my all-time favorites from each of them and went merrily on my way to Target to pick up some things!! Here’ s the playlist…..

Somebody Else’s Troubles” – Steve Goodman – he’s right many times the troubles of others don’t really bother us!

“Please Don’t Bury Me” – John Prine – Always good for a smile…

“Everybody” – John Prine – another Prine song, from his second album that always makes me laugh!

“Yes, I Guess They Oughta Name a Drink After You” – John Prine – see above!

“The Dutchman” -Steve Goodman – Steve’s version of Michael Smith‘s song always touches me!

“LA Freeway” – Guy Clark – best sung loudly in the car at the start of a trip anywhere!

“The Cape” – Guy Clark – love this one!

“Desperadoes Waiting For A Train” – Guy Clark- a few covers of this song  by Ton Rush, and Jerry Jeff  can be found in my music library!

“Taxi” – Harry Chapin – the start of my musical history with Harry!

The net three tracks all come from the same album, The Circle Game from Tom Rush  two covers of Joni Mitchell song’s recorded before anyone knew of Joni and one Tom Rush original…..

“The Circle Game”

“Urge for Going” – no one covers Joni better!

“No Regrets” and he writes a good song, too!

“W*O*L*D” –  Harry Chapin – for all DJs everywhere!

“Illegal Smile” –  John Prine – even though I don’t do drugs, I still love the thought and the song!

“Corey’s Coming” – Harry Chapin – this song also touches me, one of my favorites from Harry!

Well, the playlist may not have changed my life, today, but it did help put me in a good mood! Now the test will be using it to elevate my mood on one of those days where everything is not going the way you want it to!!!

Here’s the playlist! Have a Happy Monday!!