Happy Record Store Day!

So in honor of National Record Store Day, Nick and I visited one of the largest Independent  Music and Movie stores in the US the Princeton Record Exchange in Princeton! I love this store which has thousands of used CDs and DVD and a bunch of vinyl, too! And a very successful trip it was as I picked up the following Cds in their bargain bins:

In the Texas Country Music category I picked up Pat Green’s 2004 release Lucky Ones. While I’ve heard this CD I never bought my own copy!

In the New Age acoustic guitar category we have Fingers and Thumbs by Adrian Legg. Legg is ……. well here’s wwhat Wikipedia says:

Adrian Legg is an English guitar player who has been called “impossible to categorize”.[2] He plays custom guitars that are a hybrid of electric and acoustic, and his fingerstyle picking technique has been acknowledged by the readers of Guitar Player who voted Legg the “best acoustic fingerstyle” player four years in a row (1993–1996).[3]

and he’s great!

The rest all fall under the umbrella of Americana and include some folk and bluegrass CDs. The albums I bought are:

Lou Reid and Carolina My Own Set of Rules. This is Reid’s 2009 release and I have heard some tracks from the CD on Bluegrass Junction on XM Radio last week so look for this one on Twang Tuesday.

David Olney’s 1997 release Real Lies. Olney is one of the great songwriting storytellers. Fro m the back of this CD

Enjoying David Olney’s songs is like seeing your life pass before your eyes. Each random scene and feeling is accurate, intense and complete. You can see the sunlight, hear the sound of the city, smell the musky perfume of the lover you left behind all in a song. And in a set of David’s songs, you have an entire vivid cross section of life. Olney’s work is as varied as it is ric, and his albums go on the shelf with those few others you have that you can play over and over againwithout tiring or failing to hear something new you never heard before.

-adapted form notesw from Gordon Gilbreath

Jerry Douglas and Peter Rowan Yonder (1996). I  have heard both of these artists but not this album. Looking forward to it!  Norman Blake Live at McCabe’s. Blake is another one of those musicians whose name and reputation I know of , but have  never bought any of his albums!  The same with the next artist Meg Hutchinson I have seen her name on the Folk DJ list but have not really listened to her music but that will end when I listen to Come Up Full!

and finally Brother to the Wind the 2009 release of an artist I always see listed as the opening act for shows here in the Delaware Valley Craig Bickhardt, whose music I have not heard! Again I look forward to it!

So it was a happy record store day! Oh and Nick picked up nine CDs, too – but he paid a lot more for his than I did!