Into the Night with Jerry Jeff and thoughts of pickup trucks!!

So I’ve written before that growing up, the land on three sides of our house was farmland! So our house was at the end of the street. One of the treats of the day was when my father came home, because you see he had an old 1939 or so pickup truck with running boards on the side. So when us kids saw him coming we’d all run to the beginning of the street and hope on those running boards for the ride to the house, as short as it was!!  The reason that this memory popped into my head todaywas that this morning looking for Jerry Jeff’s “Stoney” I came across Jerry Jeff’s “Pick-up Truck song and I thought of the above and also how whenever we went somewhere and got lost coming home my dad would say “I got to come out somewhere that I know!! He was usually right and I still drive with that philosophy!! So let’s go off to Target  with Jerry Jeff and “The Pickup Truck song!!