Late Night Quick Reads – 4/21/12

Addicting Info:  Pat Tiffin:Moral Outrage Is Not Enough

As a liberal, I am often truly shocked at the Social Darwinism proposed by Republicans – the blatant bias toward the wealthy, bigotry against all things not white, male or heterosexual, and the ruthlessness in dealing with the less-fortunate. Like a lot of my fellows, I tweet away, chronicling the latest horror story. Ted Nugent, Scott Walker, Rush Limbaugh, ALEC, Grover, Reince (who names their kid that?) or Allen West.

I doubt there are many Republicans who follow me on Twitter, so in essence, I am just preaching to the choir.

Boy, do I relate to this statement, I often feel the same way! But I will continue to point out the bad along with praising the President’s accomplishements. His accomplishments are all that more impressive when you remember the  House of Representatives that he is working with!!! Maybe when you are preaching to the choir you are accually giving the choir more information to help them fight the madness!!!

Talking about madness…

Addicting Info: Stephen D. Foster Jr.:Tennessee Conservative Backed Bill Could Criminalize Natural Miscarriages

Hum, I can’t help but think that many a woman has been comforted by friends and associates who have said. “Don’t feel bad,