Life’s Soundtrack: Jack Ingram to Townes Van Zant

So this morning I had to drive to Ocean County College in Toms River,which is  a little over an hour drive. I had the iPod on shuffle for the start of the trip then  I decided to use the time to listen to some older favorites! I listen to so much new music that old friends get set aside! The first artist that popped into my mind was Jack Williams so keeping the shuffle setting I listened to about 20 minutes of  Jack’s music. The mix included some old favorites like “You’re the One” and “Waterbug”  then came “Me and My Automobile” which includes a reference to Jack’s call into to NPR’s Car Talk! Great song! There was also a great song about New Orleans “Atlantic Goin’ Down” with a great feel for the town and it’s music! When Jack’s twenty minutes was up I went to switch to something else and right there next to Jack was another old friend Jack Ingram. So I went with a mix of Jack’s music. I have five of his albums from his 1995 debut album through 2002’s  Electric and a few tracks from This is It.Anyway several favorites came on including “Make My Heart Flutter” and the mix ended with “Rita Ballou” and since “Rita Ballou” led me to another Texan Guy Clark I decided to make the mix Texas Country music! I’ve been a fan of Guy’s music for a long time, but mostly I must confess from covers by others like Jerry Jeff and Tom Rush who both covered “Desperadoes Waiting for a Train” Anyway The Dark and Workbench Songs are on the iPod and songs from those albums finished out the trip. Songs included “Queenie”s Song” about his dog being shot and a favorite “Tornado Time in Texas”!

After a very hard work break that left my body aching all over I headed back home. First up was Pat Green. Like Jack Ingram the albums that I have from Pat are from the early 2000’s. A couple of songs from Live at Billy Bob’s came on including a cover of Joe Ely’s “Me and Billy the Kid” came on and then a few from Lucky Ones. Next up was Robert Earl Keen .  I’ve been a Keen Fan since the first time I  heard “The Front Porch Song” a long, long time ago! Several songs came on including “Dreadful Selfish Crime” and “The Road Goes on Forever”.

The set then included some tunes from some Texas Rockers including Rich O’Toole, Casey Donahew and The Kyle Bennet Band. The trip ended with some tracks from a Texas music legend the great Townes Van Zant. Tracks included a favorite “The Tower Song”. The musical trip through Texas Country Music ended with Townes’ “Poncho and Lefty”
Here’s Guy Clark with “Rita Ballou” I miss The Texas Connection!

and like my day we’ll end with Townes from a 1993 TV performance!