Life’s Soundtrack – A Good Run and Some Great New Americana from Ronnie Fauss

Ronnie Fauss

So at least it was only a day over a week since my last run, today when I hit the road again. I love that the days are getting longer and longer, it’s almost to the point where I can leave work at 5:30 and still get a run in, in the daylight. Of course that would be easier if I was running a little faster! Today, I set out to up my distance to my usual four miles. I made the four miles averaging around 10:20 per mile pace, with the second to miles being slower than the first two, but that’s to be expected. Overall I am pleased and don’t feel to wiped out! So this morning Jorge Veguilla posted that he burn burned 540 calories doing 31 minutes of “YRG Stand (yoga) I did the calculations and I only burned 496 calories on my run! Maybe, I should reconsider this running thing! Nah! And besides I bet the soundtrack for his yoga wasn’t as good as mine was for my run!

Ronnie FaussThe soundtrack for my run was the latest album from Texas-based singer-songwriter Ronnie Fauss I Am The Man You Know I’m Not.  Maybe you’ve  notice I always try to say album and not CD – because for me a collection of music from an artist is an album, like a photo album and not just a CD. As I still am making my way through Neil Young’s autobiography I read his musings on this topic last night:

…About twenty years later, in the mid-nineties Briggs and I were making an album. I still call it an album because that is what I make. I don’t make CDs or iTunes tracks. I make albums. That is just what I do. Call it what you like. I remember how I hated the shuffle feature on iTunes because it fucked up the running order I spent hours laboring over. Having tracks available independently and having the shuffle feature available sucks as far as I’m concerned. Call me old-fashioned. I make albums and I want the songs to go together to create a feeling. I do those things on purpose. I don’t want people cherry picking the albums…..(from Waging Heavy Peace)

So enough about that and back to Ronnie Fauss’ album, that I thoroughly enjoyed. It’s an album full of well written tunes about love and life with a lot of good singing and some really nice pedal steel guitar! The album is now number 25 on the Euro-Americana Charts proving once again that they know good Americana across the pond. Here’s what his website says about his music:

Baring the influence of John Prine and Steve Earle, Fauss’ songs excel with a remarkable economy of words and poignant, catchy hooks. The sparse, pastoral duet with Lilly Hiatt on Gram Parsons’ “Sin City,” an homage to the legends of Fauss’ sub-genre, is tempered by the uptempo, Neil Young-channeling “The Night Before the War.” Whether wandering around broken-hearted (“I Don’t See You”) or at relative peace (“Pistols in the Air”), Fauss eschews the whisky-guzzling country bad boy façade in favor of the genuine article.

II agree, It’s good stuff so check it out. at Amazon or iTunes. Here’s Ronnie performing “This Year” a great track that came just before my first mile ended!