Life’s Soundtrack: Flutes to Snakes!

So what have I been listening to over the last couple of days both on the iPod and online. Yesterday morning started with a little instrumental music as I was working. The main instrument was the Native American flute and the instrumentalists included several tracks from a different artists.  First up were a few tracks from an album titled Emergence from Native American flute maker  Laughing Crow. This is the second time I listened to this album over the last couple of weeks. Good Stuff!  Next up were several tracks from Mary Youngblood off her 2008 release Sacred Place: A Mary Youngblood Collection. Again some really nice, quiet music! The morning ended with some tracks from Joseph Fire Crow’s 2009 release Face The Music. Now this album had more Indian chanting, etc but overall it was also really good.

The afternoon started with tracks from Donna Ulisse’s latest album An Easy Climb. This is a great bluegrass album that I will be writing more about. Donna has a great voice and there’s plenty of good picking on the album. Yesterday I got up to track six “Black Snake” and then I got sidetracked. I started thinking about Ray Wylie’s song “Snake Farm” and then about how the DJ on the Village does strings of songs with common words in the title, so I went to the iPod and flipped through the songs until I got to snake and this is the soundtrack for the rest of the afternoon:

“Snake Bit Again” Bernard Allison Storms of Life

“Snake Charmer” Luna Nigra/Ottmar Liebert – Viva

“Snake Drive” – North Mississippi All Stars – Hill Country Revue

“Snake Farm” Ray Wylie HubbardSnake Farm

“Snake Mountain Blues” Townes Van Zant – A Far Cry From Dead

“Snakebit” – Mary GauthierBetween Daylight and Darkness

“Sneaky Snake” – Buddy Miller featuring Duane Eddy – I Love: The Songs of Fox Hollow 

Now if you asked me how many snake songs were on the iPod I think my guess would have been lower! Anyway that was yesterday’s music more about today’s music a little later! Well, a lot later like around 11:30 after work!!

Here’s Ray Wylie with” Snake Farm”


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