Life’s Soundtrack – The Essential Guy Clark

So it didn’t seem too, too hot when I got home from work tonight so I decided to run I picked a course that would give me some shade throughout most of the run, but that also meant that I be going up hill twice! So I put on an album that I
put on the iPod yesterday The Essential Guy Clark and took off.  The run was slow, but that gave me more time to listen to some great songs! According to Wikipedia the album was released in 1997.  RCA first released  the album, Guy Clark – Greatest Hits in 1983. The album included nearly all the songs from Clark’s first two albums. The missing tracks are included on this release In addition, it contains the previously unreleased “Don’t Let the Sunshine Fool You” (composed by Clark, but first released by Townes Van Zandt on The Late Great Townes Van Zandt in 1972).

Now I’ve really only listened to Clark in the last several years, so the voice I hear now is different from the voice on these recordings and I must say that I like them both. Many of the songs on the album I know from covers by the likes of Jerry Jeff Walker, Tom Rush and Jack Ingram.   Songs like “Desperadoes Waiting for a Train”     “Like a Coat from the Cold”,   “L.A. Freeway”,   “That Old Time Feeling”   and “Rita Ballou”  and others I do know from Guy himself! The album has 20 tracks and I only made it up to track 13 “Virgina’s Reel” before the run ended and I was ready to go back into the air conditioning! After listening to “Virginia’ Reel” I did go to a track on another album that I put on the iPod this afternoon The Blackberry Bushes cover of “Jerusalem Ridge” from their album Little Bit of Grace.

So if you’ve never listened to Guy Clark this is a great album to start with, and I still have seven tracks to listen to tomorrow!

Here’s Guy with “LA Freeway” From a 2006 concert – just a few years after I first heard Jerry Jeff cover the song in the early 70’s!

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