Listening to David Wilcox’s Musical Medicine leads to Toms Rush and Paxton!!

David Wilcox

Over the last week or so I’ve been listening to blaze David Wilcox’s new album and  promise at some point I will write about the whole album! So far I have used a song from the album “Single Candle” in a post about the assassination of Martin Luther King and tonight I’ll write about David Wilcox’s Musical Medicine. If you visit David’s website you will find a page titled Musical Medicine. On the page you’ll find a listing of 121 of David’s 600 plus songs divided up into categories like: heartbreak, Forgiveness, and working through conflict songs, and one topic that caught my attention; To appreciate your beautiful quirky self.One of the three songs that are included in that category is “Leave it Like it Is” From David’s album “How Did You Find Me Here”…..


Now when the paint jar tipped
Off of the table
You watched as it started to fall
Glass popped, shattered and splattered
And paint spray hit the wall

Bright, blue glossy enamel
Across the kitchen floor
You said, “Good God, look at that pattern
I’ve never seen that before”


Leave it like it is
Never mind the turpentine
Leave it like it is
Its fine

Now when the paint dried
You gave it a title
You called it “Kitchen Blue”
A white frame painted around it
And gallery lighting too

Rich folks come over to dinner
They all want one of their own
They say “How much? Who’s the artist”
And, “My what a beautiful home”


Now most folks suffer in sorrow
Thinking they’re just no good
They don’t match the magazine model
As close as they think they should

They live just like the “paint by numbers”
The teacher would be impressed
A life-time of follow the lines
So it’s just like all of the rest


As I listened to the song I started thinking about songs from other artists that may fit this category and the first one that came to mind  was “Making the Best of a Bad Situation” as performed by Tom Rush and while not really the same, it is about accepting things and people the way they are!!

Then as I re-read the lyrics of the first part of “Live it Like It is” – “Talking Pop Art” by Tom Paxton came into the “Jukebox in My Mind!

P.S. I know that Wilcox’s song is a far more serious song than either of the other tunes and that only certain aspects of the songs connect but hey making strange connections is what my mind does!!!