Lunchtime Music with Boz Scaggs – Runnin’ Blue

So in the early 70s I was a fan of The Steve Miller Band through about the first five albums. Which was just before he made it big with “The Joker” and “Fly Like An Eagle” anyway one of my favorite members of that band left after like the first or second album for a solo career and that would be Boz Scaggs. Like Miller, I followed Scaggs ‘ career through his first four solo albums, uh, and that puts it just before Silk Degrees  and while I enjoyed all those later songs, the albums are not in my collection! Boz’ self titled  first solo album is one of my all time favorites with “Loan Me a Dime” being high on my last of all time favorite songs! But there’s songs from each of the other albums like “We Were Always Sweethearts” and “Dinah Flo’ that I’ve enjoyed through the years. Another of those songs is “Runnin’ Blue” from the album  Boz Scaggs and Band. And here’s a dynamite recent performance of the song… love that Hammond B3. the horns and Boz’ guitar work ain’t too shabby either!! 

P.S. Steve Miller’s last two releases “Bingo” and “Snatch It Back and Hold It” are well worth checking out!!