Monday Reads – 7/16,2012 – Krugman:Policy and the Personal, Outsourcing, and the worst Congress Ever!

Once again Paul Krugman gets it right, it IS about Romney’s tenure at Bai Capital and the actions of that company!

NY Times: Paul Krugman: Policy and the Personal

 A lot of people inside the Beltway are tut-tutting about the recent campaign focus on Mitt Romney’s personal history — his record of profiting even as workers suffered, his mysterious was-he-or-wasn’t-he role at Bain Capital after 1999, his equally mysterious refusal to release any tax returns from before 2010. Some of the tut-tutters are upset at any suggestion that this election is about the rich versus the rest. Others decry the personalization: why can’t we just discuss policy? And neither group is living in the real world.  First of all, this election really is — in substantive, policy terms — about the rich versus the rest. Full Story

Crooks and Liars: Heather:Sen. Jon Kyl Tries to Blame Outsourcing on Taxes, Regulation and ‘Obamacare

Like this crap from John Kyl! Now the key here is the following the emaphasis is mine!

 Democrats have been trying to get Republicans to actually do something about this problem as Sen. Dick Durbin pointed out in his reply to Kyl’s nonsense. Sen. Debbie Stabenow has introduced legislation that would “eliminate tax breaks allowing companies to deduct expenses associated with moving operations overseas, while still encouraging them to assist displaced workers. It also would provide a tax credit to corporations that bring jobs back to the United States.”

So far the response from Republicans has been for John Boehner to refuse to allow it to come to the floor for a vote in the House and we’re looking at the Senate voting on the bill later this month.

Which leads to Ezra Klein‘s 14 reasons why this is the worst Congress ever!

Think Progress:  Travis Waldron :How Romney Would Make It Easier For American Companies To Avoid Taxes, Outsource Jobs 

Now let’s see where a President (shivering as I write this) Romney would lead us!

 Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s plan to overhaul the American corporate tax code would “exacerbate the worst features of our current tax system” by giving corporations more than $1 trillion in tax breaks and providing an incentive to outsource jobs and stash profits overseas, according to Seth Hanlon, the director of fiscal reform at the Center for American Progress Action Fund. Full Story

Addicting Info: Silence Dogood:Deconstructing Conservative Myths About Socialism, Capitalism, and Who The ‘Job Creators’ Are 

 A very good analysis most folks don’t have a clue about any of this stuff and certainly what they hear is not correct!!

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