Morning Music – “Can’t Stop Now” from New Grass Revival!

The Best of New Grass Revival

The Best of New Grass RevivalSo this morning I was thinking about music that gets me moving and came back again to that old staple, “Can’t Stop Now” from the New Grass Revival. The only album that I have from the band is The Best of New Grass Revival. By the time I starting listening to music again in the mid-90s the band had gone their separate ways. But while they were together from 191 when John Cowan and Pat Flynn joined the band, they were an amazing foursome!! I can’t think of many better collection of musicians than Sam Bush on mandolin, Bela Fleck on banjo, John Cowan and that amazing voice of his on bass , and Pat Flynn on guitar! You can read about the band here at Wikipedia. I really think that I need to go back and explore their albums, because there’s probably some songs that I would put on a Best of album that they didn’t!! Anyway here’s “Can’t Stop Now” to jump-start your Saturday!!