Morning Music from the Allman Brothers “Whipping Post”

Way back when, actually August 12, 1970, I went to a concert at the Spectrum in Philadelphia. I went to see Chicago, then still known as Chicago Transit Authority. Opening for Chicago was a band from Macon, Georgia, The Allman BrothersBand.  Looking back this morning, I was trying to figure out if either of the bands second albums had been released yet, they weren’t. Chicago’s second album would not be released until October of that year and the Brother’s’ second album Idlewild South was not released until September. Anyway, at that time, Chicago was the better known of the two bands. I really remember little about the concert, except that the Allman’s songs went on and on, and while I was enjoying them the crowd got reckless and started chanting for Chicago and I don’t remember if they booed or not but they probably came close to it, if they didn’t! So how about one of those longer tracks by the Allman Brothers. Here’s “Whipping Post” from September 1970 featuring Duane and Greg!! (oh, I got the date of the concert from the Allman Brothers’ website)