Morning Music – Monroe Crossing’s version of “Uncle Pen”

Monroe Crossing 2

Monroe Crossing 2So Good Saturday morning!  Yes it is Saturday morning again the day after a full day and night of work, throw in hay fever and watery eyes and overall, my butt is dragging, and I have another night of work ahead of me!! The good thing though is that with the Labor Day holiday, I will have TWO WHOLE DAYS OFF in a row!! Woo Hoo!

Monroe Crossing

Now to get my butt moving I was looking for Leon Russell aka Hank Wilson’s version of Bill Monroe’s “Uncle Pen”, but then I found this version by a Minnesota bluegrass band whose name I’ve heard but never listened to, Monroe Crossing and it’s damn good! So let’s get movin’…… listen here, while I put their 2009 release Heartache and Stone on the iPhone  and give it a listen! while I go and get some coffee!!