My Midnight Train of thoughts from Teirney Sutton – Joni Mitchell – Gene Clark to Steve Fromhoz – Oh My!

After BlueSo yesterday was jazz singer Tierney Sutton‘s birthday and as I sat down tonight at the computer after work at Target, I thought I’d listen to a track from her album After Blue. After Blue is an album of covers of Joni Mitchel songs, and was very well received. I listened to a few minutes of Tierney’s cover of “Woodstock“, which is quite good, but I thought let’s compare it to Joni’s original so I found video of Joni performing the song shortly after Woodstock.

But my mind  still was restless and it quickly fluttered to a totally different person doing a cover of a Joni Mitchell song and that was David Crosby covering Joni’s “For Free” one of my favorite tracks from The Byrds self- titled reunion album.


Again, my mind raced forward toward another of my favorite David Crosby songs Triad. Which led me back to that Byrds album and the opening track Full Circle, another a favorite track  All this talk about The Byrds made me think about Gene Clark and his solo album White Light, which  is one of my favorite all time albums and the song With Tomorrow .

White Light

Now I don’t think that White Light is one of the best know albums of all-time,  so that set me to thinking about other albums that I really like, that not too many people know about and tone is From Here to There by Frummox. The two main artist in Frummox were Dan McCrimmon and Steve Fromholz  and the album contained a lot of  good tracks including “Man with a Big Hat” that Jerry Jeff would cover years later. My favorite track on the album is “Song for Stephen Stills –  wait a minute how many steps did I take from Joni to Stephen Stills – I better quit before I connect everyone to Kevin Bacon!!!! So here’s Steve Fromholz  performing the song……..say Goodnight, Edward….Good Night Edward he says!