Alex Kava – Maggie O’Dell Series

Alex Kava


Alex Kava – Maggie O’Dell Series


Alex Kava is the writer of psychological suspense novels featuring FBI profiler Maggie O’Dell. Her novels are always on the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists as they should be because they are great! If you don’t believe me just go find the first Maggie O’Dell book I read ,A Perfect Evil and then you can come back and tell me what you thought, after you finish the current book in the series! Because after reading the first you won’t want to stop and when you do you will be eagerly awaiting the next book in the series! In addition to USA bestseller lists Maggie O’Dell books have hit the bestseller lists in Australia, Germany, Poland, Italy and the UK.and Kava’s books have been published in twenty-eight countries around the globe!!

 Rip-roaring action that only builds with intensity…the mark of a true thriller!”~Tess Gerritsen

“Alex Kava knows the psychology of evil.”~John Philpin, Forensic Psychologist and Author

“Twisted plots, shocking characters, breakneck pacing. Guaranteed to keep you up all night!”~Lisa Gardner

Main Characterr: Maggie  O’Dell
Occupation: FBI Profiler
Location: Washington D.C., various crime scene locations around US.

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Other  Alex Kava Books I’ve read…

Black Friday (Maggie O’Dell, #7)
Exposed (Maggie O’Dell, #6)
A Necessary Evil (Maggie O’Dell, #5)
At the Stroke of Madness (Maggie O’Dell, #4)
The Soul Catcher (Maggie O’Dell, #3)
Split Second (Maggie O’Dell, #2)
A Perfect Evil (Maggie O’Dell, #1)

Current Release: Reckless Creed

Stand Alone Novels
One False Move

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