New Bluegrass – Cabinet!!

So I extended my run to 4 miles this afternoon, still running at that 10 min/mile pace (you’re building your base, you are building your base). Anyway,  I put on an album that I’ve been listening to over the last couple of weeks the self titled/self released debut album by Cabinet. The album is currently number 40 on the Roots Music Report Bluegrass chart which is where I first saw the album.

After the first listen, I knew that this was a band that I was going to enjoy. Their sound reminded me of a few of the bands that I became fans of last year. Bands like New Monsoon and Hot Buttered Rum and sure enough the band has played shows alongside,  Hot Buttered Rum as well as other bands I like including: Railroad Earth, New Riders of the Purple Sage, Keller Williams,and the Emmit-Nershi Band. The band plays that brand of bluegrass that’s more on the progressive bluegrass side, sometimes invoking memories of  “American Beauty”-era Grateful Dead and sometimes just  old-timey bluegrass.

The band calls Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania home and is composed of:  J.P. Biondo (mandolin, vocals), Pappy Biondo (banjo, vocals), Mickey Coviello (acoustic guitar, vocals), Todd Kopec (fiddle, vocals), Dylan Skursky (double bass, electric bass) and Jami Novak (drums, percussion)

The album Cabinet was self released and has been followed up by an album released by Ropeadope Records This is Cabinet Set 1.  I listened to Cabinet on my run and really enjoyed it.  Favorite tracks included “Shifty Shaft”,  “Dirt”, “Coalminers” and my favorite track “Old Farmer’s Mill”. Listening to the album you can see how their music could be extended into the crowd pleasing jams that they have become known for. So after my run, I went to Napster and downloaded This is Cabinet Set 1. This album is composed of six tracks and  all my favorites from the first album are there along with another great track “Long Journey Home”.   The album is composed of live tracks taken from concerts in  Wilkes-Barre, as well as from shows in Erie and Cleveland, both popular stops on Cabinet’s touring routes. While I like both albums the live album is definitely the favorite so check it out!

You can check out their music at Myspace or you can just buy the album at iTunes for $3.99: here

Here’s a performance of “Elizabeth” the opening track on Cabinet.