New from Tom Rush – “Tom Rush Celebrates 50 Years Of Music”!!

Tom Rush Celebrates...

Tom Rush Celebrates2This morning I was looking around for music and I saw that the August 2013 Folk DJ chart was up, so I took a quick loom and there at No 5 sat the new CD/DVD  “Tom Rush Celebrates 50 Years Of Music,”  by of course Tom Rush and a bunch of his friends. Fifty years, half of a century, almost as old as me!! If I remember correctly the first Tom Rush album that became part of my music library was The Circle Game; What a great album with songs from young and then unknown artists like Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne, and James Taylor. The album is one of my top five all-time favorite albums!! Tom’s versions of “The Circle Game” and :”Urge for Going” are for me beyond compare! But back to the current release, first a hearty thank you Appleseed Records for bringing Tom back into the recording studio and then for capturing this live performance. From Tom’s website:

Momentous news! The DVD/CD 2-disc set from the Symphony Hall show last December is now ready in our store.
The DVD contains the video of the “Celebrates 50 Years” bash, featuring guest appearances by David Bromberg, Jonathan Edwards, Buskin & Batteau and Dom Flemons (who you may know from the Carolina Chocolate Drops). And, of course, me, me, me. Trevor Veitch, my guitar honcho for days of yore, came in from the Coast to dazzle us with his magic. Eric Lilljequist and Dean Adrien were there singing their soaring harmonies. Paul Guzzone on bass, Marshal Rosenberg on percussion. It was FUN! I think the video perfectly captures the energy and the flow of the show. Read More

After reading about this release,  I began looking for a good video from Tom. I thought about “Wasn’t that a Mighty Storm” and then tonight I saw this video from a show in 2012, and the two songs have always been favorites. On The Circle Game “Rockport Sunday” is track 9 and “No Regrets” track 10 but in this performance they are reversed, but who cares, they are both great tracks!!