New Read – Your Playlist Can Change Your Life!

So the other night I took an armful of books back to the library, several untouched and overdue, and I was good, only bringing one back in return! The title of the one was Your Playlist Can Change Your Life: 10 Proven Ways Your Favorite Music Can Revolutionize Your Health, Memory, Organization, Alertness and More.How can I go wrong with a title like that?  So I jumped right in and I’m on Chapter 3. So far I’ve gotten some good ideas. I really don’t use playlists that much, but I did make one yesterday that included many of my favorite songs, it was designed to be listened to after lunch as a pick me up! I used it yesterday and it seemed to work! This morning I started to play it again, then I switched to a mix of John Prine, that lasted a while and put me in a pretty good mood. I was doing some permeability testing and when I calculated the rates of a sample that I had tested with and without a standpipe, the rates that should have been the same, but they were different! SO I went back and check all the radius of the tubes and the numbers that I had were all different than what was on the excel spreadsheet, I was panicking, I wondered have I been calculating things wrong for a while, then I switched my music mix to music that calms me down the vibes of Gary Burton. I listened for a few minutes and then looked back over the chart, I double checked what I was doing with the example in the regulations and there I found the reason for the differences between the numbers, that I was trying to use and those on the  table. The table was in inches and I was trying to use centimeters! Problem solved and I was now really calmed down! Hum, I think that Burton helped! Maybe there is something to this playlist thing, the only thing I know is that I’m going to keep reading and doing the exercises and who knows what the results may be!!!!

So if you need a calming influence try a playlist of vibes. Here’s one of my favorites from Gary Burton “Afro Blue”