On the Road Again?

Ok so it was easier yesterday spending the morning with Crooks and Liars.com than this morning where I spent it pounding the pavement. After a long winter layoff due to not liking to run in the dark and a knee that’s not quite right, I started running again on Sunday. Sunday was just two half miles and then a mile and half on the road. This morning though I did two miles on the road, well some road, some sidewalks and while it was slow going I made it total time 20:58 not great but ok!!

The only good thing was the music..put the iPOD on shuffle and recently added and listened to some good tunes. The playlist was led off by Chuck Cheesman and his cover of the Michael Smith/Steve Goodman classic “The Dutchman” and he does a good job. More about Chuck’s album Imagining Dancers. There were a couple tracks from Sterling Koch’s album Slide Ruler. Koch is a great blues lap steel guitar player and Slide Ruler is a dynamite album and like you’ll read more about it in a while! Others in the mix included some songs from Chuck Pyle’s album The Spaces in Between. If you know Jerry Jeff’s song “Jaded Lover” , you know at least one of the Zen Cowboy’s songs! There was at least one song from Carlos del Junco’s album and finally a couple from one of my favorite Tom Paxton album One Million Lawyers and Other Natural Disasters. First, a touching song about losing the family farm “Who Will Feed The People?” and finally one of my all time favorites “Yuppies in the Sky”. So while the run was long that only let me listen to more music!Oh and by the way I downloaded Carlos del Junco’s 2010 release Steady Movin’ can’t wait to give it a listen!!

Here’s Tom Paxton performing “Yuppies in the Sky”