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New Folk – Paul Sachs – Oil Town

The other day I was checking out the Roots Music Folk Music Chart and there at number 22 was a name I didn’t recognize Paul Sachs. Now if I had attended the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival I would have known the name because this New York City Singer-Songwriter was named the Festivals Emerging Artist.  Anyway, I’ve been listening to the album over the last week and I agree with the following:

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Book 30 – Northwest Angle – William Kent Krueger

So you know I love books that take mw to places I’ll never see or teach me things I didn’t know and Book 30 of 2011 Northwest Angle is one of them. Author William Kent Krueger set this book the 11th in the Cork O’Connor series in the area of Minnesota known as the Northwest Angle. This pennisula juts into the Lake of the Woods and is the farthest point north in the lower 48 states. You can not reach this piece of the United States by land without going through Canada! It can of course be reach by air or water, and by by water is how the O’Connor clan got there. As the novel begins Cork O’Connor has brought his family together daughters Jenny and Anne and son Stephen and his sister-in-law Rose and husband Mal to the Lake of the Woods on a houseboat for a restful family vacation. On the day Jenny’s boyfriend Aaron is set to arrive, Cork takes Jenny on a side trip to an island he once visited with his spiritual guide Henry Meloux. The island has pictographs of Ojibwe children on the cliffs of the island. But soon the day turns tragic as an unexpexted “Derecho” hits the area. A derecho is another thing that I didn’t know about. It is a powerful storm a bowed line of thunderstorms with wind speeds of a hurricane and causes massive destruction. A derecho hit the Northwest Angle area in July of 1999 you can read about it here. Soon Cork and Jenny are seperated and Jenny lands on an island and finds shelter after the storm she finds a cabin that has been mostly destroyed by the storm a young mother lies dead in the cabin a search of the cabin reveals

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A Great Run and Go Occupy Philadelphia!

Ok so the schedule looks like this: a tempo 4 mile run today – off Tuesday, a slow run on Wednesday two days off and 5K Saturday. So I set out tonight with the iPod on shuffle and genre the blues! Lots of the tracks on the soundtrack were from bands I hadn’t heard for a while so that was good, but the run was better. I hit the first mile mark in 9:13 which was about 25 seconds faster than normal! I made the 2 mile mark at 18:22 again substantially under what I had been running but could I keep it up a 9:25 and 9:19 final mile, made the answer pretty much, yes. Total time 37:06! Damn almost broke 37 minutes, I haven’t done that since August of last year!! And the time then was 36:53 so I’m not that far away! So here’s the soundtrack:

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Sunday Reads – 10/9/11 – Back to the Future!

Think Progress: Lee Fang: Rep. Peter King (R-NY): Do Not Allow Any Legitimacy For Wall Street Protests, Or It Will Be Like 1960s Again

Ah, we can only hope that legitmacy comes to the movement and the US starts to move in the right directions away from the corporate rule whe’re seeing today. At the end of the article there’s a list of things that the ’60s brought us. Let’s see what those ’00s brought us!

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Life’s Soundtrack for a 10 K Run!

So next week I am running a 5K in Delanco so today I decided to go for a long run today. I mapped out a 10-K course around Riverside and Delran. The route has a couple of hills in the first 2.5 miles and then is fairly flat with some long straight streets. I ran the first couple of miles in around 9:30 pace and then around 9:55 or 10.00 for the last 4 miles overall it was a 9:46 per mile pace!

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Old Edward!

ok so today I’ve passed the old greezer line and enter geezerhood at 60! The above is from a t-shirt my wife ordered for my birthday.  Initially, as always on these types of birthdays 40, 50, etc, I was a little depressed so on came Jerry Jeff’s album Navajo Rug. The first three songs “Navajo Rug”, “Just to Celebrate” and “Blue Mood” in some inexplicably way always make sme feel better. So on my trip to the bank I put on a bunch of songs with OLD in the title here’s the soundtrack I got:

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Life’s Soundtrack – Jimmy McCarty and Friends

The Washington Monthly: Steve Benen: It’s the demand, stupid

Way to go Mitt you got it right, but maybe it’s wrong in the eyes of your party!

So you think September’s been a good running month for me! I certainly do!

You know what’s nice? To be running comfortably enough that at certain parts of the run including the last mile you can say I’m going to pick it up now and it actually happens! According to the GPS on my watch which may be a little off

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Sunday Night -“An Evening with Tom Russell” in Vienna Virginia

So with the lights low at the Jammin’ Java in Vienna Virginia on Sunday night the announcement came “Ladies and Gentlemen, Tom Russell” and one of my heroes Tom Russell took the stage, with lead guitarist Thad Beckman, and thoroughly entertained me for the next two plus hours! The show opened with Tom telling abbout his trip to Duluth Minnesota and then to Hibbing birthplace and home of Bob Dylan and then the Mesabi Range. From his notes Russell describes his trip like this:

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