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Tuesday’s Run Soundtrack

Ok so it’s time to bore you with the soundtrack of tonight’s four mile run!

The run started with “Sunday Morning Sunshine” by Harry Chapin  fromniper and Other Love Song always a favorite! Then a little blues “Same Old Thing” – Coco Montoya – “Cindy’s Crying” a Tom Paxton classic. I couldn’t figure out who the next artist was the song was “Sucker for Love” and it was Debbie Davis – from her album of John Mayall covers. A pretty good album that I haven’t listened to for a while. Two other artists I haven’t heard in a while Mark David Manders and “Sam Houston” from Highs and Lows and “Woman to Me” by Phil Prichett, then a nice quiet song from Erica Wheeler’s Harvest album “Goodnight Moon”. Tift Merritt was next with “Trouble Over Me” from Bramble Rose, and then just when I needed to pick it up a nice quiet jazz piece from Pat Methany “As a Flower Blossoms” and the run ended with “I Can Drive” by Bruce Henderson.

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I Feel Like Hank Williams Tonight – How About You?

So Chris Wall writes in the chorus of  “I Feel Like Hank Williams”

I play classical music when it rains,
I play country when I am in pain,
Tonight I won’t play Beethoven,
no the mood’s just not right,
no, I feel like Hank Williams tonight.

So the question is,  Do you play certain songs or artists at certain times to suit your mood?  If so what song or what artist, for what mood? I know that if I’m stressed out I usually turn to a little jazz and maybe Gary Burton’s vibes or I play R. Carlos Nakai’s native American Flute! If I need a little pick me up “The Best of the New Grass Revival” may come on, “Can’t Stop Now” also gets me going! Or maybe a little bluegrass from Rhonda Vincent something like “Drivin’ Nails in My Coffin” A little laughter maybe John Prine’s  “Please Don’t Bury Me” or Steve Goodman’s “Vegematic” always bring smiles to my face! Lately The Wide Album from Modern Man cracks me up! And then for some reason there’s Jerry Jeff’s  album Navajo Rug for some unexplained reason the first three songs on this album “Navajo Rug”. “Just to Celebrate” and “Blue Mood” always kinds make my mood improve!

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Forgotten Music – Jimmy Buffett?

Ok so I had on the show Crossroads tonight and the show was the Zac Brown Band and Jimmy Buffett. When a first heard The Zac Brown Band and the song “Toes” I thought it was a Buffett song! Anyway watching the show tonight and the two of them glide in and out of each others songs got me thinking about Jimmy Buffett and I started thinking about when I stopped listening to Buffett’s music. Looking through the old tapes I see that I stopped somewhere around 1996 and the album Banana Wind. Now I don’t have all his albums only around nine! But listening tonight to Zac and Jimmy sign “A Pirate Looks At Forty” and “Son of  Sailor” (an album I won calling into the radio station in Gainesville Georgia and answered some question I think the answer was Spiro Agnew) it took me back and reminded me home much I liked Buffett’s music back in the day.  There was a record store in Athens that would write things on the album covers and on Buffett’s album Living and Dying in 3/4 time they wrote “Billy Joel is in the back of this boat” guess they were wrong about Joel’s career, huh!The album A1A is high on my list of all time favorite albums, particularly side two (at least of the tape) with the songs “Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season”, Tin Cup Chalice” , “A Pirate Looks at Forty” and “Nautical Wheelers”  all being favorite all time songs!

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Saturday Mix and Computer Fix

so after hours of frustration and trying to figure out why the computer would not go past the Compaq start up page, I finally removed all the USB cords (I thought the last two were keyboard and mouse) and the computer started! The culprit was an external hard drive that has been working ok!

As I was doing things today, I had the iPOD on shuffle and lots of favorite songs that I haven’t head for a long time can on including Steve Goodman’s “Turnpike Tom” one of my favorites! and later on my five mile run “Mama Don’t Allow” came on another favorite! Lots of good picking on that song! Also heard James Keelaghan’s “Number 37” from his album Road a great song about watching a young girl and her horse at a rodeo and how she handled the horse. A song with comments pertaining to both human and animal behavior. Also heard a couple of John Cowan songs one from the album Souled Out “I Thank you”, (which was just used in a recent episode of the new Jason Lee show Memphis Beat). and the other “Someone Give Me A Stone” from the album Always Take Me Back both  songs display the great vocals of Mr. Cowan! A great song by Mark Erelli “Passing Through”  came on as I was going uphill at about the 1 and three quarter mile mark, with the great opening verse:

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Terence Martin – on a night of frustrating computers

So my good computer was giving us problems tonight and now it won’t boot at all! This computer is always slow and I’ve been busy at work, so all this adds up to late and not many posts. Last night and portions of this morning I had the MP3 player on shuffle and heard some tracks from a variety of the artists I’ve been listening to including Ben Bedford, Nate Grower, some good picking on that one.. and Carrie Hassler, Charlie McCoy, Cherryholmes IV , The Daddy Mack Blues Band and The Turnpike Troubadours… the more I hear from that album the more I like it particularly “7 and 7”, love the line “I had no clue, I’d be the boy who, mama warned you about” and “Diamonds and Gasoline”

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Blues Wednesday – Mitch Kashmar – Raoul & the Big Time

So today on Blues Wednesday I found two names on the Roots Music Report Blues Chart that looked interesting. The first was Mitch Kashmar and the Pontiax and their new album 100 Miles to Go on Delta Groove Records, and the second was Raoul and the Big Time and their album Blue Midnight: A Live Tribute to Little Walter. I assumed that Raoul was a harp player from the Little Walter Tribute, but what I didn’t know was that Mitch Kashmar was a harp player, too. Rhapsody didn’t have the new Mitch Kashmar album so I listened to his 2008 release Live at Labatt and it was a good one, as was Blue Midnight Both albums will be downloaded on to the player for some extended listening.

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Tuesday Mix – Folk and Twang

So I started the day today by checking the FAR Chart for new musicians and came across the name Colin Spring. His new album is titled Highballs for the Lowbrow and that certainly sounded promising. So I went to Rhapsody and they didn’t have the current release so I listened to his 2005 release How I Came To Cry These Tears Of Cool (2005). It was a good listen with some songs with a political bent like “Joe McCarthy Is Sweeping Off His Grave” and several others with great titles like “Give My Regrets To Broadway”, “Let’s Burn the Guitars” and “Life Out on the Fringe”. So after listening to most of the album I went to Amazon and bought the new album and gave it a listen. Overall the sound is a little more rock than I usually listen to but overall the vocals and lyrics are good, but it will take a few more listens to judge overall. Here’s some info from Colin’s website about him and his music:

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Book 29 – The Glass Rainbow

So it’s been almost a month since the last book! A lot has happened including Peter’s wedding, Nick’s accident, Elizabeth’s return to college and through it all I have been in the world of Dave Robicheaux and Clete Purcell in Book 29 The Glass Rainbow by James Lee Burke. Hum, it does not usually take me this long to read a Burke novel but there was just something about this book so that I really couldn’t get into it and I don’t know what it was. The characters are still good Dave and Clete and Alafair. The low-lifes and criminals are still there.

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Saturday Vinyl – Goodman, Watson, Jimmy and Wes

So here’s where we spent Thursday first trudging up and down the stairs with all that Lizzie brought to school and then all the things that she bought at the local Target! Sure wish it had been today it would have been just a little cooler!

Today I finally put just about my whole CD collection on my hand-me up IPOD! What’s a hand me up, well, that’s something that is given from your kids to you. First it was Andrew’s IPOD that did travel downward to Lizzie but then she got an IPOD Touch and the 70 gb player went up to me! So now I get to hear some stuff that I haven’t listened to for a while. Speaking of which, while I was doing some things this afternoon I listened to a couple of vinyl LPs that I haven’t heard for a long time, The first was Affordable Art by one of the roots of my folk music listening Steve Goodman.Affordable Art was his ninth and last release before his passing in 1984. Santa Anna Winds was also released in 1984 and was the first posthumous release. In the face of his final days Steve put out this album full of music that makes you smile! Tracks include: “Vegematic” a favorite!, “Talk Backwards” “How Much Tequila(Did I Drink Last Night)” and “Watching Joey Glow”. The albums also includes touching songs like:  “Old Smoothies” and “A Dying Cub Fans Last Request” From his Wikipedia page:

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Blues Wednesday- A Day Late-Albert Castigilia

Ok so, we’re at The College of William and Mary sweating and moving my daughter into her new dorm room on the third floor with no air conditioning and thankfully we’re done! Yesterday was the trip down and tomorrow the trip back a little bit of music listening! The one blues album that I did listen to was the soon to be released album by Albert Castiligia pronounced (“ka-STEEL-ya)” Keepin’ On. I had never heard Albert’s music until the other day when I turned on the Blues station on XM Radio and they were playing some tracks from an XM live performance and it sounded great. So I came home and listened to his release before his new albumThese are the Days and really liked it, particularly his cover of a favorite “Loan Me a Dime”. From his website about the new album:

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