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Tuesday Reads and Life’s Soundtrack – 8/30/11

Truthdig: Eugene Robinson:Jobs: Go Big or Go Home

Echoing others Gene Robinson says “Go big on Jobs, Mr. President and I agree!

Think Progress: Zaid Jilani : Bernie Sanders Introduces Bill To Lift The Payroll Tax Cap, Ensuring Full Social Security Funding For Nearly 75 Years 

Thank you agaon, Bernie Sandsers let’s home some other members of the Senate and House get behind this idea!!

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Book 25 – C.J. Box – Back of Beyond

Book 25 of 2011 is C.J.Box’s third stand alone thriller Back of Beyond. Released soon after the 11th Joe Pickett novel Cold Wind  (which I started a while back and didn’t finish before it was due back at the library) Back of Beyond was a fast and furious ride through the back country of Yellowstone Park. The novel’s main character is Cody Hoyt a divorced, alcoholic cop thrown off the Denver Police force and now stationed in Montana. When Coty finds his mentor from AA dead in his burned out cabin, Coty knows it’s not the accidental death it appears to be but murder! Soon clues link the murderer to an outfitter leading tourists on a spectacular multi-day wilderness horseback trip into the remote corners of Yellowstone National Park. Coty’s  son Justin is one of the tourist on the trip with his step-father to be! Among the tourists is fourteen-year-old Gracie Sullivan, an awkward but intelligent loner who begins to suspect that someone in their party is dangerous. After accidentally shooting the coroner at the crime scene, Coty is suspended from the force and soon takes off on a chase to stop the tour and rescue his son from the murderer! The action is fast and furious and the book was a real page turner with lots of twists and turns. Here’s what some folks are saying:

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Arty Hill’s Another Lost Highway

So this has been an interesting week! We felt the first earthquake on the east coast in 100 years and today we learned that they are evacuating William & Mary! So Elizabeth had to scramble to get a ticket to come home. She luckily got a ticket and the train is on it’s way leaving Williamsburg about hour behind schedule! During the scramble Peter and Missy (son three and his wife) were on their way home from the Outer Banks of North Carolina, where they were vacationing. They too were forced to evacuate. They were almost to Maryland and were waiting at a rest stop to find out whether or not Elizabeth could get a ticket. Because of she couldn’t they were going to turn around and go back to get her!! Also during this week Andrew (son twq) went round and round with the bank and the title company to get a copy of his title for his car that he paid off 2 years ago! He needs the title so he can get the check for his totaled car and then go find a new one! It doesn’t seem fair that you don’t hit anyone and you still end up with a car payment!! Peter also called the other day to tell us that he was offered the internship with the Department of Homeland Security that he applied for, pending his background check!! And finally today I ran, however slow, a second 4 mile with only one day rest for the first time in a long time!!  The soundtrack for the run was the latest release from Arty Hill Another Lost Highway. It’s a great album! On his Facebook page Hill says: “I’m a honky tonk singer/songwriter/guitarist” and he’s good one. Elmore Magazine says: Some call this music modern honky tonk. Heck, this is the way country music should sound, period.”The album consists of twelve original songs by Hill and during the album he spends time in “Omaha ICU”, and a “Halfway House”, needs a “12 Pack Morning”, and has a “Breaking Up Party”! You get the picture it’s a country album!! There’s a great song about playing steel guitar “King of that Thing” and the closing song a heartfelt number titled “The Last Time I’ ll Go Away”  Here’s another press quote from his website:

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Life’s Soundtrack for a good run!

So I made a commitment to run in a 5K on September 10th in Pennsauken, NJ. It’s Run for Our Troops at Cooper River Park. The event is sponsored by the Builders League of South Jersey and my company is sponsoring me and making a separate donation! So since I basically suck I laced up my running shoes and took off last night. I am very happy that the temperatures and humidity are lower! I put the iPod on shuffle and recently added and took off running my first 4 miler in a long time!  My goal was to make the 4 miles in under 10 min/mile pace. Well, actually to make the 4 miles first and then to be under 30 minutes….  the first part came true and I missed the under 40 minutes by 17 seconds!! The first 3 were under 30 minutes but that last mile!! Here’s the soundtrack! 1. Tuition Blues – Jimmy Smith – love his organ playing just put this album Dot Com Blues back on the iPod along with Jimmy and Wes The Dynamic Duo 2. “What Happened” Matt Stillwell – a CD I picked up a long time ago and haven’t really listened to but after the two songs on this run, I think I’m giving it another listen! 3. “Bound Away” Last Trian Home – I usually listen to Eric Brace and Peter Cooper more than Last Train Home but this eas good! 4. “Summer Night” – Mark’s a favorite! 5. “You” – another good one from Last Train Home” 6. “Haunt Me More” – Mike McClure – First heard Mike when je handled the vocals for The Great Divide – both good stuff! 7. “Ramblin’ Boy” a classic from Tom Paxton 8. “All Good Things” Pat Green – haven’t heard Pat for a while but always a good listen! 9. “Heroes and Men” – Matt Stillwell – a great from Matt and a good reason to listen to more of his album! 10. “Positively 4th Street – Jimmy LaFave – Jimmy is a great interpretor of Dylan! 11. “Manzanar” – Tom Paxton’s version of the great Tom Russell song about the Japanese interment during WWII. 12. “Easy Lovin’ – a nice track from the of-forgotten Ernie Hendrickson A good soundtrack for an ok run! But the good thing is my knee feels pretty good today! Here’s a video using Tom Paxton’s version of “Manzanar”

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A Morning Full of Story and Songs from Guy, Adam, Michael and Chris!

So this morning as I watched tube permeameter tests, I listened to Guy Clark‘s new album Songs and Stories and what a terrific album it is! The live album was recorded at the Belcourt Theatre in Nashville and it has a great homey feel. Guy is surrounded, sitting down as he notes on the introduction track, Clark by his musical family — his longtime sidekick and co-writer Verlon Thompson, along with Shawn Camp, Bryn Davies and Kenny Malone. according to his website: “It’s a comfortable atmosphere that feels like a peek into a 3am guitar pull at The Driskill Hotel“.
The albun is full of a bunch of stories about songs like “L.A. Freeway”, and Townes Van Zant’s “If I Needed You” Shawn Kemp and Verlon Thompson both get to do a couple of songs. But obviously the real star is Guy who is just a few months short of his 70th birthday (November 6th) and sounds as good as ever!

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A Night of Ripping, Reading and Music!

Ok so the Eagles looked pretty bad tonight and the Phillies game was in a long rain delay, so I continued the great re-ripping on my cds as I try to reestablish my itunes library! I’m now up to 7,732 on the drive to 11,692! While I was ripping I checked out the new albums on Emusic. Near the top of the list was Guy Clark’s new live album Songs and Stories and a little farther down the list was a new Mark David Manders live album Hold My Beer and Watch This (Live). Now I had $ 6.03 left to spend at Rmusic and both albums were $5.99, so I went with Guy Clark and went to Napster to listen to Mark David’s album.

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Book 24 – Fallen – Karin Slaughter

So for seven years and six books, Karin Slaughter entertained her readers with her Grant County series, featuring Sara Linton and her husband Jeffrey Tolliver. Jeffrey was a cop and Sara a pediatrician and a medical examiner. In 2006, she started another series featuring a dyslexic Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) agent Will Trent and his partner Faith Mitchell. In 2009 the two series merged (I’m not telling why) in Undone. Book 24 for the year is the 3rd book in this series Fallen This book had me from the first page and I zipped through the book looking forward to what was going to happen next.

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Another Day Some New Furniture, and found music – The Hillbenders!

Ok so my wife’s drive to redecorate our house with furniture from Craig’s List from every corner of the Delaware Valley continued tonight as we went to pick up another love seat. This one was located in Dublin – no I said the Delaware Valley and this Dublin is located in PA a little north of Doylestown. So we took the work van and headed over the PA Turnpike Bridge. As I pulled up to the toll booth to pay the toll, the collector said, “You do know you have Easy Pass, right?” I said “Yea, I know (which means ah, no…)but I want to pay so I don’t have to reimburse the company.(yeah that’s the ticket) Yes it’s what a doofus does! But at least I’m not Governor of the State……

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