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Life’s Soundtrack – The Waifs to Chris Knight

As I said yesterday, the weather was a little cooler in this week in Williamsburg than last year. As a result the opportunity to run was there, but I hadn’t taken my running stuff! So I all could do was feel jealous as I watched people run by. I love running in Williamsburg not only through the campus in the early morning hours, but there’s also a nice loop around Kiwanis Park! If I had set out running west along Richmond Road I would have passed the new Qboda Mexican Grill where we had dinner Thursday night!

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Back to Williamsburg and Book 23 – Stealing Faces

Barrett Hall

So the last couple of days have been hectic. Wednesday was a travel day down to Williamsburg, Va. to take my daughter back to college. Yesterday was spent lugging her stuff up three flights of stairs to her room. Fortunately, it was not quite as hot this year as last, but it was still hot! In addition to taking stuff from the car we also had to go and get the stuff she left in storage in the attic (the 5th floor) of a dorm a couple of dorms over from hers. That excursion included carrying the refrigerator and a large box down the stairs because they were working on the elevator! Then after we got her moved in it was time to go to Target and get the final stuff that she needed and then to The Home Depot for the rug  and the air conditioner!  But everything is moved in and her room looks great! Today was the trip home with a side trip to a cemetery in Baltimore to find some children of a distance cousin on my wife’s family tree. That trip was unsuccessful but I’m sure she took some good pictures!

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New Folk – Stephen Simmons – The Big Show

So let’s see, in 2001  The Superstore the debut album of  Stephen Simmons is released. The album was collection of  earlier songs captured at a live solo show. That was followed in 2004 by Last Call Simmons’ debut album with a band. Now it’s 2011 that’s ten years from the debut album and seven from the sophomore release and Edward finds Stephen’s new album (now Simmons’ sixth) on the Roots Music Reports Folk Chart at number 39. He goes and looks for it on Napster, hum too many 30 second clips. So he settles for Girls Stephen’s 2009 release. He hears some fine crafted songs with lyrics like:

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Thursday Music Mix – Quintus McCormick, Blind Corn Liquor Pickers and Shake Russelld

So some days are diamonds, some days are dirt. Well today was a musical diamond day! I put three albums on the iPod this morning and I really like them all! The first up was a blues album from the Quintus McCormick Blues Band whose latest album Put It On Me  is currently number 39 on the Roots Music Report Blues Chart. When I went to Napster they only had 30 second clips for the album but they did have his debut album Hey Jodie , so that’s what went on the player. and I tell you it’s a great album. According to several reviews and the band’s Myspace page Quintus has been a mainstay of the Chicago blues scene for a long time and has….

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Life’s Soundtrack – Mississippi John Hurt, Doc Watson and Jorma!

So last night after writing about Bill Morrissey’s album Songs of Mississippi John Hurt . I decided to listen to the real thing and listened to Mississippi John Hurt Liveon my shopping trip to Target. I love John Hurt’s songs and there’s some good ones on this album including: “Ain’t Nobody’s Business”, “Avalon, My Home Town”, “Make Me a Pallet On the Floor”, “Candy Man” and “My Creole Belle” most of all I just love to hear his guitar!

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Monday Ramblings and the Passing of Bill Morrissey

Bill morrissey

So the last several days have been hectic around here. My wife has been finding some great deals on Craig’s List on furniture that we desperately need. The furniture we have survived many years of wear and tear of four kids and me! So Saturday we bought a new Thomasville entertainment center, big and heavy and tonight with the help of some co-workers and Peter we got it in the house and standing up! There for a while the standing up part was in doubt! Also my wife bought a laptop, so now I have a computer that’s faster than an abacus! Anyway all that took away time from reading,  listening and writing. I have been listening to some artists though that I will be writing about shortly. One blues artist Eric Steckel, who I heard the other night on Bluesville on XM and then came home and listened to his album Havana. Which I really enjoyed and then I download and have listened to parts of another album.  Also a folk artist Stephen Simmons whose album The Big Show has gotten a few listens!

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Book 22 – Darkness at the Edge of Town – J. Carson Black

So several weeks ago I was browsing the list of  Mystery and Thriller Books in the Amazon Kindle store and came across Book 1 in the Laura Cardinal series Darkness on the Edge of Town by J Carson Black.  The author and series were  new to me but the price was right 99 cents. So having money left from the  gift card Peter  gave me for Father’s Day,  I quickly made the purchase. What I found was a terrific read (Book 22 for 2011) and another series to follow (like I need another!) The series features Laura Cardinal a top investigator in the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) stationed in Tuscon. From………

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Blues and Bluegrass Part 1 – Albert King Born Under a Bad Sign

So tonight my musical mix consisted of some old blues and some new bluegrass. On the way to Target and during my grocery shopping blues was the genre and the album was Albert King’s first album on Stax Born Under a Bad Sign. The album. Now I have never been a big fan of Albert or Freddy King, the other two thirds of the “Kings of Blues” the other third of course being B.B King. So while I don’t have any of Albert’s music in my collection I am well aware of his influence on the generation of blues musician I like, artists like Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughan. They were strongly influenced by Albert and many of their guitar solos are close approximations to those found on Born Under a Bad Sign.

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Piedmont Blues: Cephas & Wiggins

So since I don’t seem to have the time and/or the inclination to write long involved posts right now, what I may due is to start writing shorter little pieces in between the rarer longer posts! So here’s the first album quick hit! One of the blues albums that I’ve been listening to for the last several weeks is the last album from Cephas & Wiggins Baltimore Blues recorded and released in 2008 by Smithsonian Folkways prior to John Cephas death in 2009 at the age of 78.

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