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Old Edward!

ok so today I’ve passed the old greezer line and enter geezerhood at 60! The above is from a t-shirt my wife ordered for my birthday.  Initially, as always on these types of birthdays 40, 50, etc, I was a little depressed so on came Jerry Jeff’s album Navajo Rug. The first three songs “Navajo Rug”, “Just to Celebrate” and “Blue Mood” in some inexplicably way always make sme feel better. So on my trip to the bank I put on a bunch of songs with OLD in the title here’s the soundtrack I got:

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Life’s Soundtrack – Jimmy McCarty and Friends

The Washington Monthly: Steve Benen: It’s the demand, stupid

Way to go Mitt you got it right, but maybe it’s wrong in the eyes of your party!

So you think September’s been a good running month for me! I certainly do!

You know what’s nice? To be running comfortably enough that at certain parts of the run including the last mile you can say I’m going to pick it up now and it actually happens! According to the GPS on my watch which may be a little off

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Sunday Night -“An Evening with Tom Russell” in Vienna Virginia

So with the lights low at the Jammin’ Java in Vienna Virginia on Sunday night the announcement came “Ladies and Gentlemen, Tom Russell” and one of my heroes Tom Russell took the stage, with lead guitarist Thad Beckman, and thoroughly entertained me for the next two plus hours! The show opened with Tom telling abbout his trip to Duluth Minnesota and then to Hibbing birthplace and home of Bob Dylan and then the Mesabi Range. From his notes Russell describes his trip like this:

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Weekend: Running and Reading! Book 28 They’re Watching – Greg Hurwitz

So here is the me part of the weekend….. it started Sunday morning when I was going to go for a run. Opps! Forgot to put the running shoes in the clothes bag! I was a little frustrated but Kathy said go buy some shoes! So I headed over to Target and bought some cheap running shoes, figuring I could use the later for everyday and save running shoes for running! So on my way back I decided to check out the course that I had created through the residential neighborhood near our motel. Ah, the maps on Runners World are flat, but I forgot that we were in the rolling hills of Northern Viriginia not flat New Jersey! The course had some major climbs in it but I said let’s go for it! So I took off taking it slow. I forgot how hard it is to go up and then down several times in during a run. Anyway I modified the 4 mile run a little and it ended up being a 3.6 mile run instead completed in 35:57. But as I approached the end of the run I told myself that 3.6 miles with several hills is equal to at least 4.5 miles maybe 5!! Here’s the route. Check out the elevation part!!

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Rant and Run Ana Popovic – Unconditional

Unconditional - Ana Popovic

The Rant

The American Prospect: Robert Kuttner: Land of the Free, Home of the Turncoats

Ok so I know I keep saying that all these bloggers are describing how I feel till you’re sick of it…. but THEY ARE and Robert Kuttner outlines it well!! IT’s mind boggling that out of one side of their mouths come statements about America;’s exceptionalism and out of the other so let’s destroy it?? Am I missing something?

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Life’s Soundtrack – The Lost Pines and Ana Egge

So after I finished reading the upadate to the Bloggess’ post I have no fucking idea what I’m doing (UPDATED: I still have no fucking idea what I’m doing, but I feel much better about it.) I decided to check out one of the other blogs she supports or ratherthe blog that support her wine-sluushie habit. I say other because I always read one of her supports’s blog Tellling Dad, which is very, very funny! Anyway now that I’m back from the Most Annoying YouTube Video Ever. The blog I checked out was Jenny From the Blog presents . . . . The Suburban Jungle Our Babysitter May be in a Cult, but at Least She’s Available Saturday Night and who would have known that for over a year a few years back I’ve was a Pescatarian! So early today I was looking over the Euro-Americana Chart and saw two names that looked interesting at number 18  The Lost Pines and their album Sweet Honey   and at number 9 Ana Egge and her latest Bad Blood. So I gave them both the 30 second test, I found both of them interesting and put them on the iPod for a trip to Target.

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Book 27 – Arctic Chill – Arnaldur Indridason

A freezing wind pierced Erlendur’s clothes as he stood by the swings where Elias had died, and his mind roamed over the mountains and moors to another child who had once slipped from his grasp and now followed him through life like a sad shadow 

Book 27 of 2011 is Arctic Chill by Arnaldur  Indriðason and is the 7th book featuring Icelandic detective Erlendur Sveinsson and his colleagues Elínborg and Sigurður Óli. (It’s actually the 5th book in the series that has been translated.) From Wikipedia:

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Emerging Artists – Part 2 – Monroeville!

So I am glad that I wrote yesterday’s post about emerging bluegrass artists BEFORE my run, because after my run I was wiped out! The run was a solid 4 plus miler and my fastest time over that course this year! Anyway I apologize to the third bluegrass band that I’ve been listening to Monroeville for not posting about their self titled debut album. Monroeville is a six member band hailing  from the East Tennessee, Virginia, and North Carolina areas. The members are: Daniel Salyer – Vocals., Bass Travis – Vocals, Dobro Seth Taylor – Guitar Zane Petty – Banjo Matthew Munsey – Mandolin/Vocals Matt Flake – Vocals, Fiddle While the band may be new, the members have a lot of experience!  In addition to being the bass player, Daniel Salyer is also fine songwriter having cuts with Junior Sisk, The Lonesome River Band, Mark Newton and many others. Travis Houck has played dobro on stage with Alison Krauss, Dan Tyminski, and Porter Wagoner and traveled across the country representing the  East Tennessee State University (where he graduated from the bluegrass program) in their top band called the ETSU Pride Band. He was a foundational member of Barry Scott & Second Wind where he recieved a GRAMMY® Nomination for his work on their debut project, “In God’s Time.” Travis also is the founder and owner of Blue Edge Knives. At 17, banjo player Zane Petty has been nominated for a GRAMMY®, toured across the country and internationally, been featured in numerous articles and magazines and played for production shows in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Mandolinist Matthew Munsey is also talented producer and recording engineer with a GRAMMY® Nominated project under his belt for the aforementiond band Barry Scott & Second Wind. Not to be outdone by his bandmates Seth Taylor has won several guitar championships including Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina State champion. His biggest accomplishment was winning the Doc Watson Guitar Contest at Merlefest in 2008 when he was only fourteen, and then one year later, in 2009, he won the Merle Watson Banjo Championship! Matt Flake who plays fiddle in the band has won state champion competitions on three different instruments in Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, and Alabama. Together they’ve put out a great debut album with a more traditional sound then the two other bands. While I like the whole album the opening track “Rambler’s Song” is probably my favorite! So check them out! As for me I’m going back and check out some of the other emerging artist at The Mast Farm Inn Emerging Artist Page! Well looking back over the group of bands, there are several bands that I’ve already listened to and liked including: Frank Solivan and Dirty Kitchen, The Hillbenders. Rockin’ Acoustic Circus. Breaking Grass and Town Mountain! All I can say is the folks at The Mast Farm Inn know their bluegrass!
Here’s the band performing “Devil’s Rope”

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Twang Tuesday – Emerging Bluegrass Artists – Part 1

So the other day Rockin’ Acoustic Circus (RAC) a great young bluegrass band posted a link on Facebook to The Mast Farm Inn Emerging Artists Series for 2011. Since I really like RAC, I’ve checked out several of the other bands that are part of the series and I’ve found several new bands that I really. really like!! The three bands that I started with (see I say started with because I’m going to check them all out!) are Northern Departure, Snap Jackson and the Knock on Wood Players, and Monroevillle. Here’s what I found!

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