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For the longest time I avoided Progressive Rock, thinking that it just wasn’t my type of music. I even avoided it when my son Andrew came back from Prog Festivals saying “Dad, you should come to a festiva, everyone there looks just like you!” (meaning old grayybeards!) So a couple of years ago, I started to think maybe I should try it, and iike Mikey who woudn’t eat  anything, “I liked it!”  When I started to explore the world of prog, I disovered that many of the bands that I loved back in the late Sixties and early 70s like King Crimson, Jethro Tull, Emerson,Lake and Palmer, The Moody BLues and even Miles Davis helped lay the foundations for today’s progressive rock.

What I found out over the last two years plus is that I do tend to gravitate towards certain sub-genres. I particularly like bands that are in the: Neo-Prog, Crossover and Symphonic sub-genres! Lately it seems that I like Italian Progressive Rock, too. I also seem to like almost ever y band I meet from the Netherlands! Here ar some of those Neo-Prog posts and some of my most recent Prog Rock posts

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