Quick Pick – Blues Harp – Mark Hummel

So yesterday, I ended the day listening to some of the tracks on Mark Hummel’s album Ain’t Easy No More. An older Hummel album Married to the Blues has been on the CD player for a while now and it is ok but maybe a little too old swingy? Anyway, I liked this album a whole lot more. If you don’t know Hummel, he is on of the most respected blues harp players around. Here are some press quotes from his website and the second quote is from a guy who just may  know a little about the blues.

“Every time a list of the world’s best living harp players comes out, West Coast harpist Mark Hummel makes the top five. Incorporating jazz and swing into a blues format, Hummel has developed a style that, while sounding laid back, is loaded with improvisational virtuosity.”
– Grant Britt/Independent Weekly

“The spirit of Little Walter lives on! If you miss the sound of those early Chess records, this one’s for you. Mark not only blows Harp like no one else I know, there’s plenty of tasty guitar from Rusty Zinn to keep the grooves sizzling.” – JOHN MAYALL

So the day yesterday ended on a high note! Also at the end of yesterday, I listened to another great twangy band Cornmeal and their album Feet First, which I will  write about a little later tonight!

Here’s a Hummel performance of a song from the album Ain’t Easy No More

P.S. Yes I know his name is spelled wrong in the title I can’t get it to change!!!!