Quick Reads – 5/15/12 – Bullies and Obamacare Rebates!

Chauncey DeVega at AlterNet explains why Romney’s high school bullying matters and how he’s a perfect fit for the Republican Party filled with giant bullies! –  Conservatives: Giant Bullies That Abuse the Weak

Now if you were just to read the following paragraph almost everyone would agree that it’s a good thing that most of the money spent on insurance premiums goes to health care…..

 16 million consumers and businesses are expected to receive about $1.3 billion in rebates from health insurance companies, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. The medical loss ratio rule requires insurers to spend at least 80 to 85 percent of premiums on patient care; if not, then the companies owe rebates to their customers.

but yet it’s a part of the Affordable Health Care Act that went into effect in January and that makes it OBAMACARE and it must go!! Not! From Think Progress: Insurers Will Pay $1.3 Billion In Rebates To 16 Million Consumers Because Of Obamacare