Rich O'Toole

Ok so… i was looking over the Texas Music Charts the other day and I’ll say that there are a lot of names that I don’t know I guess I haven’t been following that scene too much over the last few years I tried several out that were okay but nothing really caught my ear until I heard Rich O’Toole. I downloaded Seventeen and the first time through it was okay then the second time the lead guitar on “Kelly Comes to Town” hooked me and I was a fan!

Then came “Queen of the Misfits” and I can’t get that chorus out of my head! and after “Alone” and “Just My Luck” came “Robert E. Lee” probably my favorite track on the CD! oh wait there’s “Everything’s Legal” and “Texas Blues” – oh the whole CD’s just damn good!

So I downloaded his second CD In a Minute or 2 – still listening but already I like a bunch of the songs including the title track “In a Minute or 2” – I listened to the CD yesterday during a five mile run – and my favorite track a live version of “Marijuana and Jalapenos” came on and made mile number five my favorite mile of my run! My only problm now is I don’t see NJ on the tour schedule!