Saturday Mix and Computer Fix

so after hours of frustration and trying to figure out why the computer would not go past the Compaq start up page, I finally removed all the USB cords (I thought the last two were keyboard and mouse) and the computer started! The culprit was an external hard drive that has been working ok!

As I was doing things today, I had the iPOD on shuffle and lots of favorite songs that I haven’t head for a long time can on including Steve Goodman’s “Turnpike Tom” one of my favorites! and later on my five mile run “Mama Don’t Allow” came on another favorite! Lots of good picking on that song! Also heard James Keelaghan’s “Number 37” from his album Road a great song about watching a young girl and her horse at a rodeo and how she handled the horse. A song with comments pertaining to both human and animal behavior. Also heard a couple of John Cowan songs one from the album Souled Out “I Thank you”, (which was just used in a recent episode of the new Jason Lee show Memphis Beat). and the other “Someone Give Me A Stone” from the album Always Take Me Back both  songs display the great vocals of Mr. Cowan! A great song by Mark Erelli “Passing Through”  came on as I was going uphill at about the 1 and three quarter mile mark, with the great opening verse:

We are passing this world on to our kids
From the moment that they climb out of their cribs
We try to teach them well
And show them they are loved
But in the end all we can do
Is hope our best is good enough
For they’ll witness how this life
Can be so beautiful and cruel
We can’t shelter them forever
But if we show them all the tools
They might leave this place in
A little better shape than me and you
We are only passing throughPassing through
Passing through
We are only passing through
Passing through
Passing through
We are only passing through

Also heard some Ray Wylie Hubbard and Tom Russell the spoken but powerful “Four Chambered Heart” from the fine album Love and Fear. I don’t think there is a more thoughtful and talented songwriter than Russell! Near the end of my run a song from another fine  songwriter Nathan Hamilton came on.The run ended with “Fortune Street” the title track from an album by Alastair Moock. I usually listen to my two favorite songs by Moock  “Cloudsplitter” a great song about John Brown and “Woody’s Lament” about Woody Guthrie. But this song will get some more listens, as the lyrics sounded pretty good!

So the day was pretty good, a computer fixed, a five mile run (even though it was slow) and some good music I hadn’t heard for a while!

Here’s Alastair Moock’s  “Cloudsplitter”